Google Android and Windows Mobile Go – Shoulder Shoulder Shoulder T5353

Dual systems on the mobile phone have always been a dream for some mobile manufacturing or telecommunications services, like AT & T, Vodafone. They all focus on grabbing this area. However, it is very curious that no dual system of mobile phones come out of any of them, but China Mobile Phone manufactures has released some dual phone systems.

Here's the T5353 Smart Phone with Google Android and Window Mobile 6.5 Built. You can change two systems freely as you like. Equipped with 624MHz Marvell 310 CPU and 512MB ROM / 256MB, this T5353 smart phone is no less than a small PC or netbook. For these networks, these phones will be a good option.

T5353 Phone features a sleek HTC style design with the metal part, but obviously superb in the dual system. In fact, a 3.2-inch touch-sensitive screen with brilliant resolution gives you a truly brilliant viewing experience. As a smart phone, it really has high performance in its multifunction. No need to mention that it is the Android Android and Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system that will provide you with high-tech effects.

Armed with Google Maps, WiFi, Browsing, GPS, G-Sensors, T5353 shows brilliant on fashion line. 5.0 MP camera with auto focus will never disappoint you on the entertainment game. To take it as a small computer or digital camera, or both, the T5353 will be your good companion in your life. This will save you money and trouble to buy and take your phone, computer and digital camera while traveling. Then this dual-system T5353 seems to be your best deal.

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