GolfLogix Golf GPS for your smartphone

GolfLogix introduced one of the first handhelds of GPS GPS devices back in 1999. And while it produces and launches handheld GPS GPS, it has recently made its GPS technology available to Smartphone: if people already have the hardware, why not just provide them with the software? (You must take this smartphone with you everywhere, so you could also make it with GPS GPS and make it useful on the golf course.)

Now the GolfLogix software is available for iPhone 3G, BlackBerry Curve, Bold, Travel and Storm, and is even available for HTC Touch Pro and Regin Droid. Best of all, the software is free to try for 24 hours. After you get your "guest" membership, you can take it out to one of more than 24,000 free courses and give it a go.

You get everything on your smartphone that you would get on (much more expensive) independent GolfLogix device. Actually you get more. Of course, you usually get a distinction between the front, center and back of the green, distances to major danger and layups and shot-off functions; while the GolfLogix for your smartphone also has statistical tracking so you can track important information like green rules, traffic jams and motorways. You can even set up your own homepage on the GolfLogix website and store the information for easy access. And GolfLogix has benefited from the iPhone smartphone display to improve its GPS GPS application. It now has aerial images and "touch anywhere" features that allow you to get to the distance to any level of the course. There are also more state tracking features and 4 human scoring.

But are these GPS-GPS applications not a high battery battery? Can you even finish traffic before it has sucked all the juice from the battery? Well, the team at GolfLogix has done something about this; They have developed a GolfLogix Smartphone Kit that contains a number of essential accessories, including battery lights that are very important and can increase the battery life for 30 hours. Problem solved!

Source by Philip Hoskins

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