Golf shot – Golf GPS App for Android and iPhone

Golf shot GPS is one of the programs that can guide you as a GPS on the golf course you are playing on. It is very useful for all golfers. This golf app as an option for statistics that will help you record everything you play your course on the course. It allows you to use the scoreboard that accompanies it and if you want to create an account you can go ahead and do too. This will allow you to set a nickname for your scoreboard and you can basically use any name you want, even your actual name if you want.

When you open the app it will be an advantage for you to choose what says "Play Golf." Clicking on it will ask you to find a golf course based on your current GPS location. which courses are close to you and how far they are from your current location. At the bottom of the screen there is a possibility for you to use GPS, if you already have a course. In this mode you can zoom in and it can give you cost-effective images of the course, these are sourced from Google Maps, which is probably the most accurate source available.

These images allow you to identify all bunkers as well as any other risks that may be in your way. Basically, the app will be able to guide you and show you which obstacles to keep away from. On the screen you will see a little light blue point, this represents the current position u If you scroll further green you will see another white circle and this is where the hole is, where you should be striking the ball in the direction. You can zoom in and zoom out if you need to see what you see on your screen.

This GPS GPS application will allow you to view the entire course you are playing from above as the bird would have. It's almost like having an unprecedented opportunity for your other friends who are playing without it. It also gives you information like the range of your nook, which is how far the hole is from your current location. It also gives you access to over 27,000 courses worldwide, so most major golf courses are available to you without being a very new course. You may have to wait for the next update for the one that will be added. This app is available in the Apple App Store and Android Market.

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