Giorgio Armani's short biography

1934th On July 11, he was born in a small Italian town, Giorgio Armani became a symbol of Italian fashion ambassadors all over the world.

Known specifically for the stylish outfits that were worn by top Hollywood actors such as Mel Gibson or Richard Gere. Armani never thought of becoming a fashion designer in his youth.

He went to college for healing, but soon realized that hospitals did not speak to him. He left the photographic courses. However, this did not necessarily remain, or as in 1957, to oblige them to perform their compulsory military service.

He then got a job at the leading store in Italy at "La Rinascente". In 1964, Armani Nino Cerruti was an important fashion designer. In 1970, his good friend Sergio Galeotti left Cerruti and set up his own freelance design studio. In 1974, the same friend helped her to create her own company, Giorgio Armani SpA. The first collection of men was a huge success, and a year later it launched a collection for women who enjoyed the same enthusiasm from the audience.

Since then, he has constantly developed the Armani Look, which almost everyone can easily recognize. It is well known for its distinct, clean, customized lines.

In order to better understand how popular and successful Giorgio Armani is, I think it is enough to mention that he has homes in more exotic locations such as San Tropez, Forte dei Marmi, Broni and Pantelleria.

Source by Eugen Lisov

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