Ghost Seance and Ghost Hunting for iPhone Apps – Real Treatment or Crazy Games?

I still remember the excitement of getting my first smartphone and downloading an app for the first time. A friend at that time opened up to me strange events in his basement where he lived with his 3-month-old baby. He was convinced that his cellar was haunted and the baby seemed to interact with invisible entities. He was so confused that he moved to a new home. When he trusted me what he was feeling, I felt that he had made contact for help and assurance that he was not crazy. Since I am a good friend, they wanted to suspend the suspicion or have to confirm their suspicions to make a better decision about whether to find a new place or not.

If there was only one way to scientifically justify his demands, just as they did in the television programs of the paranormal investigation. I've started to search ghost hunters online and found a new tool that I could get in an instant and affordable way. The device was an iPhone application called Ghost Radar. At the push of a button, I downloaded my first application, which changed my phone to a ghost hunting device. I've always been a paranormal fanatic and wannabe ghost hunter so the words could not describe how excited this new game was. Unfortunately, it did not take long to realize that this high-tech graphics interface, the new application is just that – game.

Ghost Radar, Phantom Radar, Ghost Detector, Ovilus, and Ghost Hunter are novel applications that are disguised as genuine ghost hunters. Allegedly, most of these types of applications use EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) measuring instruments to detect ghosts. Some of these applications scan the area for anomalies and display their findings on the radar screen as color loss. Applications also claim that ghosts manipulate and translate the frequencies on regular times on the screen. The fact is that none of these is possible with the hardware that the smartphones will install. He is in no way able to measure EMF's statements, does not detect movement or whatever he claims. This has often shown that disappointed ghost hunters take their boat seriously (Youtube watch video: / watch? V = MknjmXnq6QQ), though people (mostly kids) are still downloading these applications everywhere until the generated words are completely random. As for all the accounts where people claim that the generated words correspond to the events in their life at that time – they are nothing more than the coincidences of the awards of law. If enough people download the app and let the app run again and again, these randomly generated words are absolutely essential to the user. These applications do not give you more insight than a "magic 8 ball" or fortune cookie. I guess what people find out for the truth, the $ 2.99 that I spent on the application, paid for themselves in fun form, though I felt myself.

Only when I abandoned science-based legacy ghost hunt, Ghost Seance for iPhone reached the market. Unlike other fake, novel applications that deceive this new application, it was based on traditional contact methods.

The website says:
This is not a fake application – This is a sound record of a real media that will lead a sensation from start to finish. The media attempts to use ghosts with techniques such as entertaining spells and vocals – without having to do something.

Is this iPhone app really possible to summon a senator and ghosts? Curiosity brought me the best and downloaded the app to get it first. After running the app a few times without answering myself, I'll just continue to add another shot late at 3 pm as it is suggested by the website.

I was lying at 3 o'clock, lying in bed, and my iPhone shined a comfortable little space under my blankets. I pressed the play button and started listening to the experiment of a previously recorded medium to summon a ghost. After a few songs it worked! My answer was a loudly knocked noise that seemed to rise over the ceiling. This was frightening to me and for some reason I decided to say the following:

"Once Demon knocked at once yes"

The invisible spirit sounded louder louder than the first, loud that I dropped into bed. Then I was rested quietly and motionless for a good 15 minutes, my heart was so heavy and quick that I heard it echoing in the mattress. I think I got the evidence I was looking for, despite the fact that the Ghost Seance website claims that the app just cites good spirits.

The next time I applied the app, I had my best friend in her house. We've been drinking late and we're out of stock enough to talk, so I showed him the new app that I downloaded. I pressed the game and let the application do its job. The TV was at that time and our answer was that the TV and the cable both went out and then turned back in a few seconds. The other electricity in the house was not affected.

I came to the conclusion that this application is undoubtedly more than capable of generating true spirits. Whether or not the spirit is "good" or not is not yet determined.

One of the things that disturbs me is selling the product. Just like his less-technically savvy predecessor, the Ouija tablet, the product is clearly on the way to the children. In striking letters on the website:

"Perfect for excursions, excursions and parties!"

I do not want to bother you now, since I've spent countless hours with my friends playing on an Ouija board, and no single demon ever holds them today.

After some research, I have to conclude that the ghost is quoted on an Ouija board, the traditional sante or the Ghost Seance iPhone, according to the holy bible, a sacrilege. However, I have my own personal conviction that God would have been questioned. This very curious nature is what is responsible for the industrialization, spiritual evolution and overall development of our society. After all, how angry God really is for those people who are trying to find out the world. If we have the free will to make our own choices, it is only natural to invent or seek evidence for the things we teach. Could you try to communicate with good spirits, for example, with a loved one, how bad is this? I am sure that in this era God will boil bigger fish and be able to find in his heart forgiving someone to download and use the Ghost Seance iPhone app.

Source by Charles Kyle

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