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The iPhone 8 will finally hit businesses worldwide and Apple fanboys and fangirls will eventually get their hands on Apple's latest and greatest smartphone in the world's second largest smartphone market. While Cupertino's latest smartphone is no longer the culmination of Apple's phone line, it is still more than enough smartphone for most people's needs and for those who do not want to spend the $ 1000 price on the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 is a very good alternative. In fact, anyone who updates from an older device, such as a 5 or a 6, must have a large jump of 8. The price differential between iPhone 8 and X is actually even bigger in non-country countries after taxes and duties have been taken into account. For most hardcore Apple fans who have the latest smartphone from the company and want to show the cool new bezel design and the OLED display, X is probably worth the asking price if only for living rights. But for iPhone users who want only one capable new device, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus require it almost everybody.

But what if you want the wonderful screen and bezel-free design? What if it's okay at the top of the phone? What to do if you want to live your life at the edge of the technique bleeding and one of the first people with your phone to pick up FaceID and identify your identity as a tool to buy it? What to do if you are willing to pay for your early adaptable price, all in the "new version" that is tied to any new technology and first-generation hardware?

Well, in this case, the iPhone X is much easier to sell and the crazy price tag is less hard. What's going to be difficult is the cost of replacing the glass, or even more important, the cost of introducing a new phone when it falls. Apple has recently announced repair and replacement prices for these parts, and prices are eye-catching. Besides the 8, the iPhone 8 case saves not only a lot of money, but the iPhone 8 almost covers all the smart smartphone needs, but those who need to have the latest thing.

If you want a bit more real estate, the iPhone 8 plus case is very easy. Even the 8 plus plus some iPhone 8 Plus backs still have to leave a few hundred dollars in the pocket of a thousand dollars. Almost all the same internally as the much more expensive 10, the iPhone 8 has to be a phone that works really well for more than a few years if it takes care of it.

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