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The use of mobile devices is soaring at incredible speed and so is the popularity of mobile applications. Your businesses can benefit from selling or offering mobile apps – no matter what industry you are in. But although the need for application development is real from the point of view of mobile marketing, the success of mobile applications is relatively small – especially for brands.

It's harder to keep your audience's attention on mobile apps, it's through social media or a traditional website; and there are several factors that clearly understand programs from unsuccessful. But it can be achieved. If you are considering creating apps for your business, use the following instructions to get started on your mobile device.

Create and Implement Marketing
In addition to working with developers to create applications for your business, your marketplace will need to implement a marketing strategy for it. Work with them to define the goals for the program and understand how your customers can benefit from it. An application that looks great, works properly and is downloaded from thousands (or even millions) of people, uses it little to the company if the content is not running sales or attracting attention to your brand on the web. Mobile apps, like social media, are complementary to your marketing efforts and knowing how to engage your customers will understand your app from your rivals.

Make it Easy and Easy to Navigate
Just like your company's website, your mobile application should look great and be easy to browse. People downloading the app will soon delete it from their phone if it is not obvious to them and if they can not find the information they want. Some of the top rated apps in both the Android Market and App Store Apple use minimal design. Consider this method especially if you are a small and medium business. The worse you can do is take you out of the game before users get to your content.

Perform maintenance on a regular basis
Having programs accessible to the public is not enough. Your application needs to be updated and checked regularly for defects. Users are easily frustrated by programs that crash or freeze when in use. They usually get 1 star ratings because they crash at the opening. You do not want to lose customers based on negative reviews and poor ratings. An application that works properly, even though the content is interrupted for a few weeks, is useful than apps that have new content every week, but only works 50% of the time.

Combine Social Media
Applications are a great marketplace for building social media audiences. Make it easy for people to share content they view on your application on Facebook and Twitter. By doing this, you will get closer to your target audience and potentially reach new customers that you do not have time and resources to reach. Many users are more than happy to show Facebook and Twitter their connections what they read or buy – so your content (whether it's news or business products) is given the opportunity to get as many people as possible on the largest social networking networks.

Price the same
Free applications, but popular because they are free, usually do not have long shelf life on mobile phones. But do not be afraid to set the price of the app if it is good and works properly on each device. People pay for the quality of applications that meet their needs and are interactive. Reduce the price you set by offering items (content or promotions) that users can not find anything else. Exclusion is important for the success of paid applications because it gives customers more confidence in their decision to purchase.

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By Justin Delos Reyes, Web Success Team

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