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So what's new about this you already do not know? Think again. It's not the one you keep in mind that's important, but that's what you do. Keep your eyes and mind open to avoid abnormal health. Well, take your food outline and review the review again. Are you eating the right food? And are you eating healthy?

At sunset we will agree to eat healthy, not just stop eating good food. Daily nutrients and calorie tablets vary for each individual as needed. Athletes and sedents have different nutritional and calorie requirements as they burn different amounts. It also depends on age and body weight index.

USDA has collected calorie requirements for Americans for 2005 that is here for you.

If you use less than 1800 calories and you are a teenager, you should think about increasing it to at least 2000 numbers a day. Now, since you get these many calories and how do you calculate the temperature of the food you are taking? And what other nutrients you need?

I will not go into boring information about an imagination called food. In summary, USDA has also created a table to suggest everything to eat to get these many calories. And they call it a food pyramid. It's just that you need to do some calculations to balance your diet.

Up to five servings of vegetables

Up to four doses of fruit

Three doses of dairy products

Up to 11 pasta, cereals and bread

Two to three servings of meat (both red and white) ), eggs, nuts and beans put together.

Very spicy fat and candy.

So, how much should you handle a service? Let's see what USDA has to say about this. One serving of grain is a slice of bread, one ounce of grain, a cup of cooked rice and vegetables, one cup of each juice and milk and 2 -3 ounces of lean meat, one and a half a cup of boiled beans (Omi … so much!)

Additives or preservatives are controlled by the FDA for our benefit. Manufacturers come to the FDA, proven benefits and any adverse effects of new additives conclusively for approval. The main criteria for approval are that additives should not cause cancer or heart disease.

SNAC – STUDENTNUTRITIONAWARE NESSCAMPAIGN, UCLA, has made some interesting results. According to them, the additive accounts for only 1% of the total food supply. Of these, 98% are sugar, salt, pepper, mustard, corn syrup, citric acid and baking soda. And preservatives like calcium propionate are used to extend the shelf life of the bread. But wait a minute! Beware of preservatives like saccharin, sodium nitrate, as sulpham K, BHA and BHT. They are known to cause cancer.

Complaints about additives do not have to worry about you if you have any caution. This is not something that no-one Americans do. A good way is to learn about encouragement and remedies for more of fresh or least processed food. Also, maintaining additives helps to minimize exposure to certain additives.

It's wise to be a little careful while buying vegetables or fruit. It is better to buy fresh during the period. Look for bruises and scratches or cuts on the vegetable shop. These slices and bruises contain microbes that spoil the food very quickly. Buy when you want instead of filling your refrigerator. Most fruits and vegetables have shelf life for 4 -5 days.

Now where on earth did this dinner come? Or is it anybody's intentionally …? Well. Vegetables and fruits have a high level of health protection. However, they will be unintentionally contaminated due to their handling on the farm or on the market and during transport. The bacteria and viruses come from the environment and the soil. And then there are pesticide residues. You never know when you do not get upset because of these. Handle this issue carefully. You do not need to use specialties to wash your food. For vegetables and fruits, use 10% soap solution to drink before washing in running cold water. You know that washing in running water removes up to 90% of the bacteria. So, wash twice away the maximum contaminants and bacteria. You can also use mild soap / brush with soap solution to clean. Be careful not to damage the skin to the food. Some experts also recommend potassium permanganate in soap solution. But it leaves a characteristic smell.

Never forget to clear all the surfaces you prepare for your food. Warm soapy water or bleach (1 teaspoon of bleach powder in a liter of water) kills most famous kitchen bacteria. Wash the grill twice before and after using it. Wipe it before you start using it. Do not forget to wash your hands before you handle the clean food and clean the table and more every time after using a toilet, sneezing or cough. Use a disposable paper to dry your hands rather than a cloth. This ensures maximum security by eliminating reuptake capabilities.

Finally, determine which keyboard you use, no matter how healthy you eat. If you use PVC, acrylic board, they will have a smooth and non-porous surface when they are new. They do not have scratches or ditches. When you apply them, scratches appear on the surface and they can keep vegetation data and microbes begin to evolve. This can not be erased away as the scratch is less than most brushes. Health experts recommend a maple maple of maple. Maple wood is less porous than most wood, very difficult and is known to have anti bacterial properties. Wash it with hot water with a little bit of icing and wash it. It is a good idea to oil it twice a month (odorless vegetable oil or petroleum).

The secret lies in looking after nothing to fate but to have eyes open to potential health risks. Alertness can only keep you fit, slim and more than anything else -healthy. Would wish you a happy dinner & # 39;.

Source by Alevoor Rajagopal

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