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Apple's new iPhone 4 just hitting the market is already extremely popular and everyone seems to want it; Being able to get a free iPhone 4 would be even better. Incredibly, there are ways to get a free iPhone4, which does not involve tons of jumps or whatever you pay for.

This new iPhone includes some major updates from previous iPhones. The video call has become a reality and only works by touching a single button. You can see your children and tell them a good night if you are away from home or share the smile of someone with the video calling feature nationwide.

The iPhone 4 has two cameras, the first one is tuned to the FaceTime video call feature, and the viewing area is set to focus on the length of the arm with the face. The rear camera is useful for sharing photos and videos with others.

The Retina Display is the high density dome display for the iPhone 4. The text is sharp and legitimate, even in this small size, and the appearance of pictures and videos dramatically improves. The glass on the display is made of helicopters, extremely durable, durable and scratch resistant.

Multiple tasks will be easier when you receive free iPhone 4 because it sets you to switch between applications quickly and easily, with just a quick touch. When you have finished this task, you can return to where you left off.

You can easily find the free iPhone 4 by finding a site that offers a premium for free trial delivery as a premium. The first step is to sign up for the site and provide some simple information. Then a trial change bid for a company or product that you've probably tried to try is completed. By offering these sites to each trial customer who they send, they pay for sites to advertise their products and still generate profits. Now tell some of your friends on the site to get one of those great new phones!

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