Gaming Fun with Android phone

Best of the new Google Android smartphones that large-screen and new input devices such as touchscreen, accelerometer, and trackball are a completely new world for mobile gaming. However, not all types of games are suitable for this kind of setting. In this guide, we'll look at the devices currently available on Android Market that use these tools:

Slide Puzzle – The classic 15-slider puzzle game's beautifully-designed version will do everything you can expect and use the touchscreen.

Snake – The stunningly slow, overcomplicated 3D versions of the Snake, which have recently been added to mobile phones? You will then be pleased to know that you've made the original two-dimensional version of Android for Android. The only disadvantage is that trackball is not really suitable for playing this game as a numeric keypad, which can frustrate in an overwhelming situation.

Sokodroid – In this game, the user must press around or around his red square, using the trackball or the touch screen, with the aim of pushing the blue squares into the hole. This is not the worst game in the world, but the interface is not really suitable for the task.

Solitaire – Classical Windows Card Slot Adapters It's frustrating to know that this version is basically unavailable due to the touch screen device limitations, which almost completely excludes exact drag and drop.

Speed ​​- Have you always wanted to play Pong up and down the screen instead of running it all the way? Then download the speed and all your dreams come true! With your finger, it is difficult to move the bat exactly and it will also be enough to see what happens. However, if you can solve these difficulties, you are still a fun game.

Sudoku – The classical electronic version of the eastern puzzle, which can be controlled with a trackball or finger, although the controls are so unpredictable that they are likely to miss the altar.

Tap Tick – In this redirect, but extremely boring game, the goal is to stop a forward counter when it reaches a certain number. Convenient to check whether you are still alive, but there are better games there.

Tetroid – This version of the classic jigsaw puzzle uses the accelerometer to allow the various pieces to be replaced. The controls can get used to it a bit, but once you do it, it's as addictive as ever.

Trap! – The purpose of the game is to use the classic touch screen version of the mobile phone game to minimize the bouldering of a small area of ​​the screen without drawing in a row. Not bad, but the touch screen may be a bit finicky.

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