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Samsung's latest smartphone, glorious Galaxy S, might be the model to take the market by storm. The phone boasts high quality, large screen and scores very well both in appearance and transport.

With the modern phone handset used to access the internet frequently, whether it's browsing the web, social networking or viewing email, it's important that the phone is not only a big browser but also a lot of connectivity options. Galaxy S hits both of these boxes. The browser is one of the best available, both lightning fast and also used both pinch and zoom and double tap zoom method. The speed of the browser can be attributed to the phone's excellent processor chip which is at 1Ghz. These ARM A8 Cortex tiles load pages very quickly and handle applications with ease. The phone has 512MB of RAM memory in line with other high-tech handsets available. The best online experience can be experienced when connected to a wireless LAN. Otherwise known as WiFi, this method is ideal for connecting to your own router or private WiFi network. Obviously, much of the time you might be on the go, so that the 3G handset handset performs best while you're on the go. Even when you get a 3G coverage, excellent GPRS / EDGE features come to life, ensuring you can always contact. Thanks to such capabilities, the phone supports push notification via email and gives you real-time updates when receiving mail.

The Samsung Galaxy S comes with a large capacity of 500mAh lithium ion battery. This provides users with high voltage on the battery. In standby, you can expect results of 576 hours, or change to a real 3G talk time, it will give you approximately 6.5 hours. Usage. A microSD card is inserted into the phone and provides high versatility with regard to storage space in the phone. The Galaxy S supports cards up to 32GB, plus 8GB / 16GB of storage that comes installed on your phone. Bluetooth 2 is also available, which makes wireless connection to a number of compatible products, such as headphones and audio systems cars. 5 megapixel still camera offers pleasing results, but the camera is where the phone is very good, recording 720p resolution, high definition footage. When viewing this footage, the phone comes with an outstanding 4 "screen on its own and offers a perfect image thanks to a 480 x 800 pixel resolution.

The Samsung Galaxy S is one of the most impressive smartphones we've encountered. It's hard to blame the phone, with everything from design to performance that gives both fun and practicality.

Source by Emma Rosher

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