Future of mobile application development – Web or Native?

According to a recent study by the Global Intelligence Alliance, there are three reasons (as appropriate) companies prefer native nested mobile applications:

  1. Can create a better user interface
  2. Need to access device equipment
  3. Utilize popular, established app store distribution channels

And here are three reasons why web technology trade in mobile phone application :

  1. The cost and cost of providing one link available on multiple platforms [19659003] Direct Control of Own Distribution, No Need for Third Party Approvals
  2. Ability to Build a Better User Interface – Honestly I do not quite understand this answer as native programs are so highly suitable for delivering very smooth Notebooks

As can be seen in the list above, all user interface , access to equipment and distribution channels.

And HTML5 is already targeting user interface and access to built-in devices – GPS, accelerometer, address book, NFC, camera, local storage, drag and drop, etc. And we'll be there soon …

Remember what happened to desktop applications? Remember how stiff were website stories for several years? Now we are using online office packages, online GIS, online photo editors, online CRM, you name it.

History repeated with mobile application and technology changes to unified lightweight client (web browser) and cloud service backward … (Exception made for very heavy graphics applications like action games and CAD software.) [19659010] Now, development distribution channels would be interesting to observe. I could barely believe that Apple would leave the App Store to be exclusively the store of good applications that are available on the web … (Google already does the internet sign-up tool quite well.)

Will Apple really agree to lose a tight control over end users base, or will they come back with some brilliant brand new business model? Do you want to love to hear your opinions on this topic.

Source by Kostadin Jordanov

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