Future of Apps and Android

The iOS platform has some of the best applications that can be accessed on any mobile or mail computer system. IOS has revolutionized how we use computer programs. While we see that Android has begun to dominate the market share, it will still be releasing some amazing and awesome apps in the coming future for iOS.

Here's why – iOS is a platform that a good developer loves to develop a program for. All major players in the app world had started with iOS. The reason is simple – the iOS is less fragmented, but actually there is no violation at all. Although on Android disassembly is one hell case.

There are gazillion producers who develop mobile phones or tablets with various versions of Android that appear on them with different hardware settings. During the iOS, one version of iOS is carefully selected and tested hardware by some of the best technicians on the planet. Thus, even underpowered CPU and GPU is very tight optimism and understands the seamless experience.

As we predict or say, this will always be an advantage for Apple. The overall control was very good and a smart choice made by Steve Jobs. The App Store and what goes in and out is totally controlled by the company and provides the best and most efficient experience. And if any friction is caused, we always have Apple to blame and it's fair because they have total control.

Now for Android are the reasons they are growing because of the growing popularity of Samsung Galaxy devices, availability of devices and of course price points.

If Android wants to flourish, Google needs to focus on the soul, operating system, and manage it.

All they can do is manage the end-user experience as much as possible. By limiting downloading of applications from third party sources and allowing only the Google Play ™ platform as a software market.

They must start approving fully tested applications for available device settings and disable incompatible malware until fully tested and optimized for available settings. They also need to control the privacy and security features of Android as much as possible.

When this will happen, Android will take a step forward to be app heaven like iOS.

Source by Wayne Harrel

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