Fun and Comfortable Tablet Apps for the Elderly

Traditionally, we tend to associate technology with the younger generation, but older adults are surprisingly familiar with modern techniques. For example, 59% of Americans aged 65 and over are online and 77% of the population uses mobile phones.

It is a fact that 23% of this population is actively playing games by using mobile phones, computers or gaming systems

these numbers indicate significant technological use but numbers are steadily increasing

Tablets are an example of modern technology , which many old people can use very effectively.

The term tablet means touchscreen computers that are generally lightweight and portable. One of the best known examples of iPad is these, though there are many more.

As one of the computers, tablets have their own operating system and can run many applications (applications), including many different games.

Tablets can range up to about 5 inches in size up to 10 inches, and 7 to 10 inches in screen sizes are the most common.

Most tablets have an Apple or an Android operating system. Many applications will appear in the containers for both types of tablets, but some are only offered by one of the stores. Most of the applications discussed here are present in both stores and I provide cases where this is not true.

The touch-screen interface of these devices is relatively easy for the elderly to learn and many of them tend to assess what to do very easily. Larger tablets are best exposed to the elderly, especially the weak sight, because they have larger font sizes and the on-screen buttons are usually larger.

Many people are trying to find the best Apple or Android apps for the elderly, but with so many options this can be a very disruptive task.

Calling tablets

Tablets can be attractive to nurses and the elderly.

that games on the tablets of the elderly remain spiritually active, especially since some games may be challenging. Research has shown that cognitive activity can play a key role in reducing the cognitive effects of aging. The other appeal is that tablet games give the elderly time to leisure, entertainment and entertainment.

Like tablets, you need to find games with a variety of different types of games with a small search. This may be particularly important for those carers who want a break.

In some cases, tablet applications may be methods that allow older people to socialize, as some games allow more online players or people to communicate. Likewise, the elderly can play the same games each other and offer them the opportunity to talk to each other about the games. learning curve tablets

Some older people will be able to absorb tablets and toys. Others need more teaching.

The most important thing that older people need to be taught is the basis for interacting with the tablet.

Tablets use touch screens that are easy to understand. However, seniors need to learn how to tap the screen to get the desired results and find out what impact they have on their devices.

Older people are relatively easy to learn how to use the touch screen,.

For example, an elderly woman I know can use a tablet without the need for several games without help, but still has difficulty solving the tablet.

Likewise, you may need to teach multiple concepts

Some older people will be able to invent games intuitively, but others need to be taught how to play certain games. You may sit down with them and let them go through all the new games they start.

At the end of the day, this is something you have to find on a case-by-case basis. As the elderly use the tablets better, they find it easier to pick up new games and generally require less help.


Applications and Games

For example, some categories include puzzles, word, casual, card and board games – and that does not even matter for practical applications such as audio cassette players and eBook readers. This can be quite overweight even if you only want to find some suitable applications. The recommendations in this article are from conversation to the elderly and their family members and online viewing to find out which applications are suitable for the elderly.

Although many older people can play any game, the focus here is in applications that are relatively easy to hire and learn – for the elderly who are struggling with elements that use a tablet.

This post introduces a variety of fun and practical apps for Android and Apple devices, as well as discusses various features that make some applications better than others, the family leader. If there are other apps, this list can serve as a good jumping point for the elderly to become a tablet.

Angry Birds Rio (for Apple and Android) is a puzzle game but simple controls and fun graphics are a good choice for the elderly. The basic purpose of the game is to use sliders and stop the buildings, and there are many other games in the Angry Birds series, all of which are very similar. Like many games, this application is plagued or missing, some older people will love, others will not be interested.

Farmville 2: Country Escape (Apple and Android) game that focuses on growing plants and earning money. Farmville has attracted a great audience through Facebook and this is the supply of Farmville tablets. This is a game that needs strategy, reading and planning, and is not necessarily suitable for all the elderly. However, I know many old people who enjoy the game and in the way they think. In addition, the game has a social element that allows players to join a co-op, where they can help each other and talk to each other. I saw players get caught in the chat so much that they did not touch the rest of the game. The game is difficult to explain, but the game basically involves a ball that knocks the pins. Peggle seems complicated for the first time, but the game is easy to pick up and has a lot of fun without being embarrassed. Peggle Blast is a free version of the game and has in-app purchases. The original game and its sequel (Peggle and Peggle Nights) are available for both Android and Apple. These versions can be purchased, but they are better in the long run.

Sims Freeplay (for Apple and Android) is the Sims franchise version, though most older people may not have heard of the franchise. This is a task-based game where users build families and send characters (Sims) to tasks. It requires less strategy than Farmville, but both games have to wait for the task to be completed. This is a common approach in many similar games and allows a relaxing game where you set it up and return later.


Blokk Puzzle ] (for Android) is a puzzle game where users need to place blocks within a shape. It's easy to understand, but it can be a challenge if people are in the game. Although this app seems to be just Android, there are many similar apps available on both Android and Apple stores. Clevermind ($ 2.99 for Apple) was specifically designed for people with Alzheimer's disease. This includes a host of fun features, including games, trivia, and diary. In addition, the app allows you to interact loudly and browse the web in a user-friendly way.

Epic (for Apple and Android) though there are many similar applications. Puzzle games are a fantastic opportunity for the elderly and easier to use on the tablet than the puzzle game. Jigsaw Puzzles Epic is a free application that contains many puzzles. Users can choose how many pieces of the puzzle (4 to 400) and whether the puzzle pieces can be rotated or not. In-game stores can buy more puzzles, but free puzzles can hold most users for a long time.

Word Search Puzzles (for Apple and Android) is one of the many word search apps out there. It has a great text and is easy to use, providing a good opportunity for the elderly. However, there is no difficulty setting, so it is not useful for everyone.

Words with Friends (for Apple and Android) is a social game that circles in Scrabble. The social element of the game comes from playing with other people and alternating with them. The game also provides an opportunity to talk to people who play against them, which can be good if the elderly play with friends. The free version contains ads that can cause pain, but the social feature of the game may be appealing to the elderly. [Kindle Android) is an example of an eBook reader, though many other applications have similar functionality. Kindle can be a good choice as buying books through the application (or online) is relatively straightforward and prices are often reasonable. In fact, you can buy Kindle applications from the Amazon store. Most eBook readers have the option to read the book more easily, such as increasing font size or changing contrast. Using this type of application can be an excellent way for the elderly to read and the application allows them to make any book as a large print book.

Audible (Apple and Android) Many applications for playing audio books. Like Kindle, this app is easy to buy books, and Kindle and Audible are also bound to Amazon. Books may be a bit expensive, but Audible offers a monthly plan that includes an audiobook per month and 30% of all other audio books. This is a great opportunity for the elderly who find it difficult to read (or do not want).

Although membership-based ($ 7.99 / month), Netflix is a great opportunity for the elderly to make movies and television shows. Competitor Hulu is also a good option ($ 7.99 / month for Hulu Plus, free of charge for basic Hulu), as Hulu often has more classic shows than Netflix. If you have a network subscription, you may be able to access other applications such as HBO Goho, which allows you to stream content from certain networks. Both applications apply to Apple and Android devices. ($ 10.00 for Android) launches a new home screen for Android devices. This can improve readability for the elderly who struggle with icons on devices, especially on smaller devices. The demo version of the application is also available. This is one of the relatively few Apple or Android apps for the elderly, which is actually specially designed for this population, and CleverMind (above) is another. here are several applications, but we have only captured the interface.

Both Apple and Android now have huge stores that are constantly updated with new applications. This means that Apple and Android applications are pretty endless for the elderly.


One of the Most Important Things When Choosing Applications

For example, some seniors can enjoy games while others enjoy applications that are mentally challenging.

The type (or type) of the application's search can help narrow down what you need. This can be a trial, a mistake and a patience.

Also, if you know the type of application, you can often use the search function in the store to find what you are looking for. For example, you can search for "card games" or "search words" that would list a list of applications that match these terms. The approach is not accurate because it searches for words in the application title, but fits well with the general categories of applications.

You can also view the categories and subcategories of applications.

For example, in the Google Play store (Android App Store), games belong to one category, and some of its subcategories include: board, card, casual, puzzle, and word.

When an application is used, star rating may also indicate the application

Generally, four or five star applications are worth trying, though every three stars or below are questionable

However, there may be many downloading and trying applications.

We do not recommend this for paid apps but there are a number of free apps available in your apps to choose from.


Many elderly people will have limited access to applications that may be due to physical or mental problems

Applications help you figure out which types of applications best meet them .

For example, as well as older people with visual problems may enjoy audiobooks instead of e-books. People with hearing loss can use a headset that does not cause discomfort. This makes it easier for them to hear what's going on.

From a mental point of view, some seniors struggle with intellectually complex or challenging games while others will not be in trouble. you may need to look for games that are easy to play

This is especially true for people with dementia, as they can easily be disappointed. Yet they can enjoy simple games. For example, a study found that bingo can increase the mental functioning of patients with Alzheimer's disease.

Other game related types of games include puzzle games, simple matching games and games like the Clevermind application mentioned earlier. , there are few applications that are specifically designed for the elderly, but that changes. Research focuses primarily on developing games for the elderly. Hopefully, this means that more games will be available in the future.

However, game designed for many other ages is still very good for the elderly.

Of course, older people can really enjoy tablets while the skill levels can vary dramatically

For example, an older woman I know plays Angry Birds because the controls are relatively easy to use. Although he enjoys playing, he does not fully understand physics or strategy, so he often reaches repeating levels.

In contrast, my father has dementia, but he is still able to play online blackjack (quite successfully, I can add), which is still surprising to the family. In real-life casinos, blackjack needs to be, but this is a strong sign that older people can know more than you imagine.

Many games are called the model called freemium

This means that the game itself is free, but some things may be incurred. Common examples are elements that can accelerate the time in The Sims Freeplay and Farmville Country Escape.

If this is likely to be a problem, you can turn off in-app purchases on your device so that no one else can spend money in the game accidentally.

Alternatively, you can make sure that applications always ask for a password when they are purchased.

It also supports some free games through ads that can be annoying quickly

In some cases you can pay for ads, but not all games support this.

Generally, I've found that pay games are often better because they do not try to get some money from users (they've already bought the game). So if you find a paid game that has good promises, it looks promising, do not write it down just because it's affordable.

Tablets are not particularly intense in terms of graphics or processing power.

Therefore, a good tablet for adults does not need to be costly investment.

In fact, technically thinking people in the extended family may be having one hand down.

For example, I know a couple who has recently updated and uses new and new tablets for personal use.

Their previous pills are talented to their mother. This was a fantastic introduction to old tablets without anyone asking for money.

In addition, most of the applications discussed here are for both Android and Apple smartphones. Smartphones have a much smaller screen so they are not suitable for any elderly person, but offer an alternative to tablets for good looking seniors.


Tablets should be fun for the elderly and have a wide variety of applications

In this post I mostly focused on applications I've experienced and seen the elderly, but many there are . If you have other ideas for older applications, please let me know in the comments below.

The most important thing is to find the perfect applications for the elderly to participate in the selection process. you see what interests you most and what kind of games you enjoy the most.

Source by Angelica P Herrera, DrPH

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