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Steve Jobs has resumed from Apple Inc. First, the iPod was the most revolutionary mp3 player ever developed. He then created the iPhone, which can be considered a game of the decade. In the mid 90's, even the most optimistic geeks could not dream of a gadget that can perform the following task:

– Store a music catalog (containing thousands of songs)

– Watching Videos and Movies [19659002] – Playing Video Games

– Incredible Speed ​​Internet Access

– Accurate dot with your accurate GPS capabilities

From now on, the gadget arrived in 2010 and is called the iPhone. The iPhone can not only handle the task described above, but also in your palm or pocket. And as technology moves at incredible speeds, various applications are developed to make iPhone one of the best inventions in the past decade. Apple's latest device is also designed to run / implement gadgets with iPhone Apps. Applications (for short applications) are small programs that are designed to perform specific tasks. For example, there is an application that allows users to search for a single person to query a date. The app name is Grinder and allows you to walk around the people on pin-pointing the exact location of the person looking for love … wow!

Although the iPhone seems to be the most complete tech game, a major feature is not a perfect live TV programming.

Imagine being able to see a basketball game, a baseball game, or watch the news in the break or lunchtime. Despite Apple's failure to improve TV-in-the-iPhone functionality, many different online vendors offer service, and many are still free.

In March 2009, however, Apple Inc. introduced new specifications to develop new technology that would allow them to develop an application that could use the HTTP protocol to transfer live TV to existing iPhones. This means that Apple will develop the feature that allows iPhone devices to receive live TV programming signals, but at a price. Experts expect this new feature to run from $ 15 to $ 30 a month. That is true; Apple plans to heavily charge iPhone users for live television.

Fortunately, Apple Inc. did not get OK to start developing TV apps, and iPhone users still have free live TV programming on their iPhone

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