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The best thing about life is free, goes on saying. Or was it a song? Every time this applies to a new GAZR mobile phone for T-Mobile I just bought … if "bought" is the right word for something I got free.

I remember when RAZR came out a year ago. You must not miss it. Blow your mobile phone. The popular phone. Advertising was everywhere, and the content almost made me want to get something different. However, when the marketing dust has been sitting, it's a nice, thin, lightweight and handsome handset that's fun to use and pleasing to own.

So, I like to describe what I like My T-Mobile RAZR – and you'll see why these modern nations appeal to so many people and appeal to you.

Soft Soft Technology RAZR Cell Phone

I'm one of those guys who truly appreciate technology, but without boarding. Yes, I like the fact that most things come with a guide now, but I just stop shy about investing in an equivalent of three hours to figure out how many MHZ will optimize my TI OMAP CPU or how many KBPS and MBPS I can come out from GPRS instead of gWiFi.

So this golden technical middle ground is one of the first things that I thank very much for my new RAZR. It should be like sitting across the table from a friend who talks about technology to you without turning your eyes on glasses – enough detail to understand what he's talking about without overwhelming you.

Technology I Received With T-Mobile RAZR is the content most of us on the "non" side of technical geeka usually share appreciate. For example, with this phone, you get a digital camera that also takes short videos. No need to find it among the mazes of menus and files: it's correct as soon as you turn on the phone, under the heading that says "camera" enough. Press this button and the screen of the phone will be LCD monitor of digicam; press it again and click, you're done. This is a little bit of ease that I like, and it's only an example of the type of controller you get with T-Mobile RAZR.

With T-Mobile RAZR, I also get a very Bluetooth wireless feature. This is a feature I thought I would never use, but then it came free, I thought "what a heck." But what I found out is that it's very useful, especially when driving – I live in one of these states where the cops can pull you in the holder of your mobile while driving. And with this Bluetooth headset, I do not have to wire a wire or take my phone with me when I'm fueled in the pump and I can keep talking – in style. Which leads us to some of the areas where RAZR is highly unmatched.

T-Mobile RAZR Style

If I do not like many consumer products today, it's cheap, plastic look and feel that makes them run as close as possible. With RAZR, you get a beautiful satin finish alloy, giving this mobile a sense of something lasting and real.

And of course, RAZR will beat you for how thin it is – even after a year in the market and after some copycat products have been introduced, this phone still shines in this department as a real thing. In addition to being a fashion statement, the thin RAZR is also a practical asset. This phone will disappear in the front of your jeans without adding the amount to your appearance, so you almost do not even need a capsule.

T-Mobile RAZR Unique Features

What made me choose T-Mobile RAZR as opposed to another mobile phone company is making plans that come with. Especially, I was enticed by the exclusive MyFaves features of T-Mobile, as the new T-Mobile RAZR is compatible (not all phones are, especially older).

MyFave's feature is actually a list of five out of-network phone numbers that can be dialed and received from free, regardless of time or date, the frequency of calls, or where in the country are your five contacts. With the standard T-Mobile myFaves program, you get this on top of the free network that is usually offered with most service agreements.

In essence, this means that this MyFaves program allows me to set and receive most mobile phones calling for free and reserves the minutes of the program for a strange call to other people – it is much easier to keep conversations short. Incidentally, I let five contacts know that they are on the MyFaves list so that they also know that they can call me without fear of costing me an hour.


Overall, I'm very pleased with my new T-Mobile RAZR. For a mobile phone that's definitely no longer the "latest", I'm pleased to see that carriers like T-Mobile are willing to keep it fresh by adding useful features to it – like in this case myFaves program. My only wish is that the same phone came with an iTunes player – because I'm addicted to my music – but as adage says, you can not have it all. Or was it a song?

Source by Thomas Arouet

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