Free Puzzle app for iPad – Apple Life

Small game champions bored with the same old video games are good news. There is an interesting puzzle-game app released on the iPad, and this game is designed for kids and is sure to be successful. This is nothing but Apple Life, a strategic puzzle game similar to Call of Atlantis and Bejeweled. This game features an addictive and attractive game with many colored apples. The left side of the game box displays information such as bonuses such as baskets, group baskets, and Apple bombs.

Kids will surely enjoy the game as they are primarily designed to raise awareness of objects and an extraordinary combination of themes and graphics. The powdery effect that appears when the apple is removed from the game is excellent, colorful and magical. Children love to play this game as they require them to replace their apples with their apples in neighboring chains with 3 or more of the same colored apples. They can make in-app purchases to get bonuses that make the game more interesting.

Apple Life has been developed to attract and attract kids by rewarding bonus points after adding more apples and removing them from the board. More than 3 same-colored apples, or more than 1 row of 3 apples can make the same color to get more bonus points. The game is getting more and more apples from the peak at regular intervals to make the game a bit curious for the kids. It will certainly be interesting if the little ones play with the apples that spin. The game has more interesting and fascinating possibilities that kids will experience as they progress.

Different types of apple like normal, rainbow and rotten. Each element plays an important role in the game and simplifies it for players. The usual apple is normal and each adds 1 point to the score as they are removed from the game. The rainbow apple is completely different and its functions are similar to joker. These apples help remove apples irrespective of color and capture the attractiveness of children.

The rotten apple requires a special trick, and players need to focus them carefully and try the board. If they are touched, these apples will explode and remove all apples and give negative points. Apple Life includes a number of items that can be accessed as bonuses, such as baskets, pool baskets, and Apple bombs. Bonuses such as baskets, pool bins, and Apple bombs are limited in number, such as 100, 40, and 20. Additionally, these must be purchased from points earned during the game.

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