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This is an iPhone accessory that any iPhone user must always give – the iPhone screen saver. Because the iPhone has a touch screen LCD, it is more likely to scratch the nails, dust, and oil in the hand. We all know how difficult it is to save the iPhone's LCD, oil and fingerprints. That's why the screen protector and the first accessory for the iPhone accessory are required.

I once bought this screen saver for the iPhone and after a few days out. It was not good glue. I felt like I was on a table. He always moved when I used the touch screen. When I try to put it in place, there are oils and bubbles. I thought it was useless.

Then I found this new screen saver and was impressed. First, it is not delicious. Second, you do not get to use the LCD and the touch screen. It has a very good adhesive. If you lift it, there is no remnant or bubble.

I feel like I did not use a screensaver. My fingers glide smoothly and the touch screen reacts very quickly, which means the defender is not too thick. This is my first investment after I bought my iPhone 3G.

I do not like putting the iPhone in my bag because it's bulky. I just want to put it in my pocket and pick it out of my pocket right away when I have to call someone or whenever someone calls. That's why I need a reliable protector. So far, my iPhone has no scratch, even if I do not put it in a bag.

Get Free iPhone Screen Protector here. Enjoy!

Source by Sharon March

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