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There are many game modes today, including puzzles that are always addicting and interesting because they focus primarily on conceptual and logical challenges. Sometimes puzzles can contain time pressure or other action elements in the game. Some games with action and adventure include some puzzles when it comes to finding objects that are difficult to find, but real puzzles focus only on this type of activity. Some famous addictive puzzle games are Call of Atlantis, Bejeweled, Treasure Island and so on. Such an addictive jigsaw puzzle game for Apple Life, a new game started with iPad.

If you're the one who likes jigsaw puzzles and likes to play an addictive game, it's here for you. Download Apple Life for the iPad free of charge and enjoy the game and play. It's time to leave all the adventurous games and action games and get started with such addicts. The iPad always offers a new approach to games, and this game is worth it. This game and gameplay will surely win the heart of the first attempt as it has many interesting elements that make it addictive and appealing.

In the game, there is a game board with one or more colors and varieties of apples on one side and the other on the game board and game elements. The most important challenge that this game presents is to clear the apples that are in the game board with the same games. You can exchange apples in adjacent positions to make matches and eliminate them from the game board. There is a criterion for making matches and that at least three of the same type of apple have to be chained to disappear. At the same time, you can have more than three apples or more than one apple chain for which you get more points.

There are some surprises in the Apple Life game iPad game and are very useful for the game's appeal. The game includes not only the still-to-life apples available in any game of this type, but also apples that can rotate and provide attractive 3D effects while playing. There are different types of game elements like normal apples, rainbow apples and rotten apples, all of which are extremely challenging in their own way. Rainbow apples play like jokers and are able to club with all sorts of apples to disappear while the rotten apple is dangerous and when they touch it, they explode and liquidate all apples and move them so tactfully to the bottom of the game board.

Apple Life has other gaming items or bonus items such as baskets, pool bins, and Apple bombs. These elements are quite challenging and you can buy the points you are looking for as you progress the game. Baskets can eliminate a row of apples when knot baskets can remove apples that are available in the vertical and horizontal positions of the line. Apple Bombs are ideal for effective play, eliminating all the apples that they have once touched. Up to 100 basket, 40 basket and 20 Apple bombs can be purchased through in-app purchases.

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