Free Evo Apps – Ten Great HTC Evo Apps

Are you looking for useful and fun applications for your HTC Evo phone? Here are ten favorites:

1. Twidroid

Twidroid is a Twitter client for Android. It includes interface themes, multi account support, escort registrations, desktop widgets, video postings, and more. This is perfect for anyone you are complaining about on Twitter!

2. 10001 Cocktails

10001 Cocktails allow you to search and browse almost all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Find the perfect recipe for the perfect drink anytime, anywhere. You can also submit your own beverage ideas and reviews.

3. Check all

Check Everything is so much more than the average "do list" application. Check all that allows you to list not only text, but also with paint, checklist, voice, and captions. You can organize notes in folders and create shortcuts. This is perfect for organized Evo users.

4. Mobile Search

Instantly Search Mobile Search. It even features voice recognition. Find friends, businesses or anything else you need for little to no time.

5. Star Translate

Star Translate is not only a translator but own personal dictionary. You can translate text or make voice translation. You can even translate SMS messages. There are many languages ​​to choose from, even

Hebrew, Thai, Hindi and Arabic.

6. Ringo Lite

Ringo Lite is a ringtone manager that lets you select specific ringtone for a particular contact in your contacts list. It is very easy and convenient to use.

7. Meembo IM

Meembo is Instant Messaging application that integrates Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messaging, MSN Messenger, MySpace Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Jabber and ICQ in one main messenger. This is a very practical and convenient app. Meembo always saves your history and finds anywhere on

8. Pick-up Lines

Pick-Up Lines is a self-explanatory. There are tons of lines to choose from and you can rate them all. You can even add your own recording lines and share them with your friends.

9. Lyric Search

This app is ideal for everyone. You can search for text by artist or playlist. The texts can be copied and pasted and shared with friends. Lyric Search also allows you to purchase songs from

10. Comes a fun video blogger

Cast any average movie in a few minutes with this application. You can take, edit and filter photos, add spheres, add stickers, and more. You can share these photos with your friends for all the pleasure.

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