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According to the National Calendar, February is a free and open-source software (FOSS) month. Open-source software (OS) can be a great resource for non-profit companies, needing technology, just as profit from operations, but often have fewer resources to pay for costly solutions.

So, what's open software? You probably already use some of the most popular open source packages without even realizing it.

  • WordPress (blogging and web design)
  • Firefox (browser)
  • Android (cellular operating system)

These are all open source software. OS software owners (also copyright owners) make the code accessible to all to view or edit. The software or application is also free for anyone to use, copy or give away. OS software is often developed in public affairs. For example, if you click About Firefox in the browser help menu, you'll see that the Firefox browser "is designed by Mozilla, a global community that works to keep the web open, public and accessible to everyone."

The idea behind this way to create software is the theory that profit-making programmers and companies themselves focus on protecting their ownership and profits, as well as making the highest quality software possible. OS spokespersons believe that a larger group of developers who rely on peers to identify and eliminate problems in the code will create more useful and higher quality products for everyone.

The great advantage of open source software is of course that it's free. The fact that the code is public means that hundreds or even thousands of developers and users can try, evaluate, debug, and increase the application you're using. Here are 5 top reasons why openers offer the benefits of opening software, as well as zero price pricing:

  • Security: The more people can see and try a set of codes, the more likely the bugs are to be found and fixed.
  • Reliability: It has been reviewed with defects, with defects submitted immediately prior to the future.
  • Identification: it can be customized.
  • Minimum Strength: Often you can run open software on older computers that are common for non-profit purposes.
  • Optional: No commitment until you are sure (try as many different packages as you like – they are free!)

There are, however, disadvantages. The most common, in my experience, is that it's probably not a help chat or technology support phone number for users to call. The OS software help service can be the same blog or website where programmers and testers download the code and discuss the bugs they find.

Below is a list of some OS applications and software that many users want to earn. They are all used a lot, award-winning package. Just remember that it does not mean that they are automatically for your profit. Consider

  • installing the software
  • maintaining software and all data
  • train new users
  • use the software on a regular basis

Also, think about whether this software need to "talk to" other software in your company. Will the package be compatible? If you have available data that needs to be changed to the new package, who will do it?

Now we've warned you of the risks here, our favorite packages are to open the software:

  • LibreOffice: Office productivity suite including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, database, etc. based on and successor to OpenOffice. Award Best Free Office Suite with CNET Magazine
  • GIMP: GNU Image Manipulation Program image and image editor. Works on GNU / Linux, OS X, Windows, and more. Nominated Top Free Software Choosing for 2013 with PC Magazine
  • Audacity: Digital Recorder created by Professor and Student at Carnegie Mellon University. Featured as one of PC World Magazine's 100 Best Products of 2008
  • Shotcut: Extensive video editor and rewrite. Named TechRadar Loading of the Day
  • Thunderbird: Email and chat server developed by Mozilla (Firefox manufacturer). PC World Magazine's Best 100 Products 2005 and 2008
  • KeePass: Password Manager. Recommended password manager of the German Federal Office for Information Security and the French Network and Information Security Agency. KeePass has the highest rating in the password management system G2 Crowd
  • Rocket.Chat: multifaceted web chat, video recording and communication technology. InfoWorld Magazine BOSSIE 2016 Award

One of the largest interest groups is for CRM systems that enables the company to track gifts, prospects, volunteers and other components as well as interaction with components. Here are free and open source CRMs that you could check when there is time for a new CRM for your profit.

  • CRM Collection (Formerly Sugar CRM) is one of the most popular, although not for profit.
  • CiviCRM has been developed specifically for social organizations.

If you want to learn more Practical and charitable organizations promote open software. Here are some of the biggest and longest hobbies:

  • Apache Software Foundation: Provides support for community Apache software products (19659004) Document Foundation: German charity institute founded by a large group of free software advocates
  • Eclipse Foundation: Independent Profit Funded by Companions to allow a vendor-neutral and open-ended community to launch the IBM Eclipse Project
  • Free Software Foundation: Ensures freedom of computer users worldwide, especially by introducing the GNU Free Operating System
  • Linux Foundation: supports many open-ended projects, including the 25-year Linux operating system
  • OpenCourseWare Consortium: worldwide networks of educational institutions, organizations and people that promote openness in education, including the common development and use of open educational resources
  • OpenHatch: fits open open software with c commands, tools and Education
  • OpenSourceMatters: Provides Financial, Legal, and Organizational Support for Joomla! Content Management System for Websites
  • Open Source Initiative: Indicates the Open Source of the Society, Maintains the Source of the Definition and Creates Open Permissions

The "Open Source" tag is said to have coined a date in 1998 shortly after the announcement of the Netscape web browser launcher release. Almost 20 years ago, have a free and open software market and products mature. Non-profit can take advantage of high-quality, free * software available for productivity, part-time management and other necessary tasks.

* Remember, not all free software is free or safe to use.

Source by Chris Bouchard

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