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When you search AppStore to download applications for your iPhone, you can notice that several millions of apps are available. Everyone wants to opt for free programs to pay as it becomes too expensive to download paid. In addition, nobody will say no to the free apps, as they can save more money by downloading them. In order to save valuable time and money, application developers have come with this new application that is free.

The Whats Free is a free application for iPhone and it shows all the free apps that are available in AppStore. If you want to download free apps for iPhone, you do not need to visit iTunes from now on, as Whats Free app will list them all for you. You can search for the required application and download it directly from this app. This app receives automatic hourly updates that help it update itself with the latest free ones and paid free of charge by the developers.

What's free helps you save time by eliminating the need to browse AppStore for free apps and get in touch with the number of applications in it. It may take a long time for you to figure out the programs that are free at first and then imagine browsing through them and download the selected ones. You can browse through the applications with respect to the types, most downloaded and more. There are several useful features in this app just below the screen and they are discussed below.

When the application opens, you can find the free apps sorted by their categories like Productivity, Navigation, Travel, Games, Business, Entertainment, Sports and much more. You can find five options at the bottom of the screen that make it easy to search and download free applications easily. The selected option will list all free applications that are popular among users, in simple words that feature apps. The homepage shows a few categories, and the applications are classified under the category as mentioned above.

If you want to download iPhone with the free downloadable applications, all you have to do is click on the TopFreeApps option and start browsing the desired application. The application automatically updates the download accounts and brings the most downloaded application to its first position. You can also search for any app you want by entering the name of the application or name of the developer.

The most interesting feature of this free app is the wishlist, which is some kind of shopping cart. If you find an interesting app and feel like downloading it later, you can add it to your wish list and then download it to make it easier for you. You can press and hold the application to add it to your wish list, then tap the option at the bottom of the screen, and then hold on to the application. You can also delete the application on the wish list whenever you want.

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