Free Android Apps categorized to organize your Droid life

Google Android is a smartphone with growing popularity through the smartphone world.

As expected, the question whether application is good or not, or whether a user should pay this amount or find a free choice has also increased for many Android users. This list aims to offer some apps that all Android users should have and at a price anyone could afford – free.

Android Applications for Students


Using the Google Docs (Reviewed) account, users can create, view and edit documents and spreadsheets. In addition, when viewing a document, a good number of original installation still exists, which is a bonus compared to Android's small screen. It is a useful application when you touch a report or take some comments.

Android Lifestyle


Locale allows users to configure actions that occur as a result of certain events and settings. It sounds terribly unexciting, but some examples of this feature automatically include the dim brightness of the screen when the battery falls below a certain level, turn off the ringtone at certain times of the day or text a friend when the user has reached Location.

Android Fun Apps


Ringdroid allows users to create free ring tones from their favorite songs in a convenient and very easy way. Simply by loading songs on the SD card and selecting start and end points, users can save the selected and then use it as either ringtone, notification or even alarm. Otherwise, users can record ringtones with this application.

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