Foxes Pets – 6 Ways Differ from Dogs

Many people were fascinated by the idea of ​​owning a pet dog. They are charming, intelligent animals, and many of the appeals to be a "special" animal that are not many people. While foxes can offer decent recreational purposes to someone who has the time and resources to take care of them, a lot of people make a mistake buying a pet dog thinking that it will be like a dog.

first The foxes are difficult to train

Dogs are born with a very strong packet mentality. The dog feels like the alpha and is firmly bound to obey the leader. They live to please you. The fox, however, lives as you like. While they are very intelligent, the fox's most important motivation is other than the dog. The dog wants to love and happy, the fox wants her hand.

2nd The wolves stink

The foxes are very strong smells. As long as a dog can bathe for a few weeks to develop a huge stench, the foxes will smell 24/7. This strong, strong muscle can be reduced by something that the fox is spat, but it does not end it indefinitely.

3rd Fools shy

Many people imagine the fox's an awesome pet pet that she can show to friends and neighbors. Unfortunately reality is almost always far from him. While foxes are often very close to their family and are affectionate, visitors and aliens are still ashamed.

4th Special needs of foxes

Foxes have special diet and exercise requirements outside of their dog. They are extremely energetic and require physical exercise every day. Large, well-built outdoor cover is required. Which leads to my next point …

5. Fishes of Escape Artists

Foxes are more familiar with houses than the most definite dog. They can jump in the air with six feet, climb up the slits, and climb upside down to hang a short chain on a chain link. Any cabinet that is intended to preserve foxes should not only be large, but also impossible to extend and complete a roof.

6th Foxes Destroy

Many people buy a rag at the wrong impression that they are housekeeping and run freely in the house while they are away at work. Nothing can be further from the truth, especially for larger species than red foxes. They will steal and hide something that is small enough to carry them and just take as much as they can. It is almost impossible to break the best fox of such behaviors. You can teach the dog not to chew things, fox can only be taught if he does not chew things while watching . While a fox is loose in the house, it requires constant supervision. In summary, foxes can create stunning pets for those who are willing to take care of them. If you are interested in a pet fox, open your eyes wide open, do your research, and understand that fox care is not like caring for a dog.

Source by Sarah Roche

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