Four Fun Projects for Color Copiers

If you enjoy being creative, you might be surprised by the unusual and inexpensive projects you can complete the basic office equipment. Color copiers have become less expensive to purchase and operate in recent years. Put it to good use, and what can be done.

greeting Cards

Color copiers are ideal for greeting cards to send to family and friends. Use personal photos or graphics cards that will transmit individual messages, exactly what you want to say. It could even send out personalized holiday cards, so that people know both personally and professionally.

Photo Wood

Some raw materials, transfer photocopied image of a piece of wood. You need a piece of unfinished, a picture of a piece of paper and delivered using the photo. Apply the heat transfer medium in the photo and the image of a tree thick. Place the image down onto the timber, so that the rear and upward. Press the paper gently with your fingers to remove all air bubbles and wrinkles. Allow the medium to dry completely.

Then take a wet sponge and start rubbing and wetting the paper carefully. As you rub, then carefully remove the paper from the timber to leave behind the transferred image. Continue working until you have removed all the paper, and only the image remains on the tree.


The art in many different types of scrapbooking paper and embellishments. Color copiers can be extremely useful in providing innovative and unique scrapbooking projects, as they allow the printing of decorative borders and embellishments and interesting layout.

To create a unique scrapbooking layouts, place pieces of paper and photos on the bed in different shapes and designs of the device. Copy the residue, cut it off and repeat the process until you are ready matting background or the size you need for the layout.

Some photos may look small unusable for scrapbooking projects. Instead of throwing them away, they scan your computer, you want to highlight specific areas of plant and enlarge them to a photo-editing program before you print them in color copiers.

children’s Artwork

The children are usually home to many masterpieces from the school. There are several ways to save those memories. A simple method keeps the kids artwork includes images from a flatbed scan unit and prints the colored pages. Make sure to use acid-free paper to help keep the paper as long as possible. Once printed, you can compose an album of children’s artwork.

The more you imagine what we can do for color copiers, the more ideas you can figure it out. Always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines in the paper and ink settings in order to get the best results. The incorrect settings can lead to streaking or other print problems.

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