Four construction applications that make life easier for all entrepreneurs

As a leading entrepreneur, he often has to wear many different hats when dealing with different aspects of construction projects. Below are four amazing applications for iPhone and iPad that can be taken on the go. The applications listed below help entrepreneurs rationalize the four areas that need to be addressed in virtually every construction project; advanced calculations, cost estimates, plans, and forms and reports management.

Build Calc – Advanced Building

Build Calc is designed for a goal; to fix any bugs on any other building calculator and create a comprehensive calculator that would help simplify the authors' calculation. Build Calc has upgraded all the advanced features and eliminated the need to consider many steps to get the calculation you are looking for. When using any advanced feature, you can access the calculation results by pressing one or two keystrokes. Some of the features included in the application include advanced baluster function, special staircase function, fence function, interactive features and many more. 42Nd Parallel is the developer of the application and is proud to further develop the calculator with more advanced features. This app is available in the Apple Store for both the iPhone and iPad, and is available on Android Market.


This application is required for all contractors or cost appraisers. This application has so many fantastic features and I list here just the tip of the iceberg. Project templates are the most common building works that are based on project estimates. The application has a barcode scanner that works with any Home Depot product. True, you can create a complete list of materials for a project, then go to Home Depot and scan the items to get the exact cost of the materials you need. The application goes so far as to be able to email estimates to its customers so you do not even need to pick up the phone. There are many built-in calculator functions and many more. This app is currently available only on iPhone and is available for Apple Store in the Apple Store for $ 19.99.

Building Inspector – Journeyman

The application created by Construction Centrics LLC is quite new to the Apple App Store and is currently only available for the iPad. The purpose of this application is to create an effective reporting system between many different areas of the construction site. This application provides a full reporting format that is tailor-made to the construction management team to effectively monitor the entire construction project, share information, and make sure it resides according to the schedule. This application delivers $ 99.99.


This application was created by Martin Fabrizi Carianni and is available on Apple App Store for both the iPhone and iPad. This application is one of the most advanced CAD systems available on a smartphone or tablet. Some design features include parallel offsets, pre-loaded objects, layers of editable objects, sizes and more than a dozen, and that's just standard design features. They have many more advanced design features and tools such as polyline, sketch, and text size. The great advantage of this application is that you do not need an internet connection to draw, so you can draw on the fly. After a fresh upgrade, cadTouch now allows you to work in the same format as a standard computer. It has many special features that work with this application and the developer has made a comprehensive guide on how to use them on your site. The iPad iPad version will cost $ 19.99, and the iPhone version will cost $ 14.99.

Source by Amy Lee Anderson

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