Found "Business" Wall

Hitting the Business "Wall"

Sometimes when nothing you do will work. You can not seem to be important in business, at each level. Perhaps sales have been complex or stock stays up and become more expensive or even long-term employees seem to be fighting and claiming with each and every customer! Perhaps worse, any event in the public sector has caused a controversy or potential catastrophe that you have wondered if you should even be in business. In other words, your company has landed in the Spanish wall. No matter how hard you punch against the fact that nothing seems to break through the wall.

You are not alone

You are certainly not alone. Every business on earth Earth has had problems similar to what you are experiencing and some of them are far beyond what you are dealing with. Some companies overcome them and some do not. Examples are all around us. Remember that Samsung Note 7 blown phone disaster. Plans are a maximum of five billion dollars in lost value, not to mention the termination of customer confidence.

And further, the response to the cancellation of United Airlines passengers has hurt both the perception of their customers and their stock prices. I'm sure the police, who boarded the aircraft, thought they were doing it right, but the events were done and taken on many phone videos.

Now they are more serious. Today's social media environment was able to send the incident at light speed and it has been rocketed around the world millions of times when the company stumbled across with different answers. Social media looked at the charges of racism and promised never to fly the airline again. Even the parliament has promised to investigate.

Is there a perception or something worse?

A few years later, we had the television channel and the author Paula Deen, who had social media exploited around her use, 30 years earlier by a terrible blow. The troll and hatred marked her with all kinds of evil, but it seemed to be nothing but perception. The haters wish she was something she was not. Some people in the public perceive her to be less than a decent man. In essence, she lost everything, shops selling their pottery stopped selling them, her publisher and her television episode, all that fell apart. But with some image advisors, she only waited until the storm blew and gradually began to build her brand again. Ownership

Much more often than these crazy problems are old outdated issues like slow sales, negative social media of your products or just not making decisions in a timely manner. For some owners, dropping is absolutely fraught with danger. Ask yourself, has your business grown so that you can not keep track of every little development? Do you think you lose control of your "child"? Are you reluctant to hire more people or introduce someone to help deal with the company?

Administrative Advice can make all the difference in these cases. It's not a "business" problem so much as it's a "owner" problem. Talking to a professional advisor who can advise you on how you can grow your business and pass a little thinking will allow you, the owner, to see the future a little clearer.

Of course, your company may not be having these types of top issues, but every organization has a situation that may occur, later, which may cause the CEO serious heartburn. If you see problems that start boiling, like increasing customer complaints (you are monitoring them right?), Suddenly high employee turnover, or my personal favorite, the water cooler Establish a business consultant. They can usually come to an end under circumstances and offer one or more solutions.

The Solution

Be wary, the solutions may be ugly or expensive, or simply unpalatable. The suggestions I have given have been to reduce the group and remove one or two special employees who are having trouble losing one sincere customer. Often the answer is not so much, but simple. Perhaps new methods have recently been introduced that need to be completed. Perhaps your vacation plans have left customers with whom people are constantly supported. Until the underlying problems are discovered, you just do not know the cause of heartburn.

Please do not enter the victim to the list of those who believe that the problem is easy to solve. Frequently, the word "more training" has been heard. But when the main thing has not been defined, the nebulous term "training" will not solve anything.

The favorite types of problems that are solved are those that include a good problem . What about a company that bursts into sewing machines because of a large amount? Too much company in a very short period of time will reduce the defects in your business model, organization of your business, your process and so on and let the customer wonder what happened. All of these can usually be solved with an outsider, such as a consultant, who does not have a luggage employee or is not embroiled at the office of politics.

Get Help Quickly ]

When nothing seems to affect the problem, it's time to enter your external help. The basis of the transaction is, the longer you wait, the worse it will be a problem. It's always bad to wait until the events get out of hand.

Yes, you should have solved it sooner and it could be cheaper if you've recognized the problem quickly and strategically for your business solution. But sometimes this is just not possible, and as we have seen in the news, events can very quickly be spiraled from our board. Sometimes the problem was never in our control, as in United Airlines. Remember, the longer you wait, the worse is the problem. Every. Single. Time.

The one who hesitates is lost. Act quickly and with resolution. Use a consultant!


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