For those who buy Google Nexus S Smartphone

The first factor you see about Google Nexus S is its curve screen, gently shaped to fit in a pocket or in a meeting.

The manufacturer of these phones produces not only a range of handsets, all of which are basically the same (the Galaxy S line), while numerous other OEMs are fluctuated in hardware for the platform. Useless, The Union S is definitely another phone altar. Record exactly as the company's business continued, but S continues to be the legacy of Google to create an independent, "clean Android" phone experience, seems to target less on the general and more towards developers.

And what device is it? Nexus S features 1GHz Hummingbird CPU, 512MB RAM, 4 inch, 800 x 480 curved Super AMOLED display (called Contour Display), 16GB storage, five megapixel rear and VGA front and rotate the camera and close to communication skills in the field. But the hardware is only 50 percent of the story here – important news is that the Union S showcases the next major development on Android OS, ie. Gingerbread (or version 2.3).

Even around the prototype we tried, Android 2.3 Gingerbread was shockingly fast. The personal interface was zippy and smooth, along with the internet pages we tested loaded quickly and precisely. Sorry, our sample has not been shown to Flash, but the last phone will play Flash in the browser. Increased speed is likely to be the biggest change you'll notice in a situation that you're moving to the Union S from the Android two.two Froyo network. Some clips have also been produced towards the user interface, though. Among them, they will probably be present great deals more black everywhere.

However, the great attempt "Near communication content" can be lowered. What few – in Britain at least – are still taking advantage of it. But as with such a few Google features, it might be innovations at the start of the program: Payments, transportation tickets and more could – and really should actually – all be determined by this technology. For now, suddenly it's just a way to take men and women on network websites quickly.

You've probably heard bad luck about this, but yes, the display and input glass of the system has a minor, concise curve that sits right when it's prevented from dealing. It's not a dramatic distinction, but it gives the phone a pretty unique look. Basically, however, the appearance seems unlikely from any other Galaxy S phone – especially when it comes to content. Samsung seems to focus on using a gentle (and somewhat inexpensive sense) plastic for the capsule, although they deviate around Captivate, which we felt better.

The other headline for Gingerbread is the SIP protocol that allows you to call the internet, also called VoIP calls. The S connection has a built-in SIP, so you can call the internet by installing VoIP applications from the Android Marketplace. Google says that this could allow you to call VoIP calls directly from the suggestion guide or phone call, but unfortunately we have not been in place to check this feature. This feature does not use Google Voice, Google's personalized VoIP service, as it is not available in the UK but. Instead, you need an account with 1 in different SIP service providers.

We are fond of the shooting game around the Union S, but it is something of high quality images that still feel very like ours. In particular, we found that the photos seemed to wash and grainy even in well-lit situations. There may be a flaw in white stability or ISO settings of the vehicle, but we could have made excessive performance with other phones in this category.

If you're looking for an Android phone, Nexus S looks like it's quick and powerful, even if you do not disturb what model of Android it's running. The hardware only offers to make Android bigger than before.

Source by Bryan Potts

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