Fly Ying F003 Wi-Fi Touch Screen Phone – the best iPhone alternative

We've seen a lot of iPhone clones since they've been introduced, but the Fly Ying F003 is a new breed that cares consumer attention. It is different from other interruptions, built-in WiFi functionality, and real-time analogue television. These two features, low-priced label and iPhone features make F003 the best iPhone clone on the market.

Did you try the iPhone when they first came out? Well, with time and money with the new version of the brand, you will get better images and more features. Features include things like two SIM cards on the phone that allow you to call two different numbers. We all know that some people need this phone because they go out of business from business. If you have a dual SIM card, you will get one from the United States and one from the United Kingdom.

The browser used by the phone provides easy access to all features. When you find phone numbers, messages and other things on your phone, you will find that it's a breeze. You can play music on this smartphone and have a good memory to store music.

The size of the screen is a bit smaller, but this means it provides better rendering and is not as distorted as the larger. The screen is small because the touch pads need to fit the phone. Are you a person who likes easy buttons? Well, the buttons for the phone are very simple for anyone, whatever.

TV feature is probably a feature Apple does not have on iPhone, making F003 special. You can catch your favorite channels directly on your phone. What do your friends think about the service?

Bluetooth and music player is another good thing for this smart phone. Hands-free sound quality and no crack at all. The built-in Opera Mini browser is another good thing against the clone, which allows you to use your phone as a portable mini computer with the web browser feature. Not so beautiful?

Another great feature is the 2-megapixel camera that allows you to send your pictures as soon as you take them. Did you mention that you can make a video with your phone?

Source by Oscar Bulk

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