Five things you should never do in the movie bar

Even though we are civilized people who understand that society needs rules, the last thing we can associate with a place with rules is a film grid. If you think about it, a movie grid should have the leading cinema of how the cinema works. He considers the customer to be of primary importance, so the belief that the customer can not do anything seems controversial.

It's also important again for people to remember that a movie grid is a business that takes care of a large number of people. If they or any other business allowed their clients to "go unintentionally" and do all they would be in chaos. The movie latters are about making the moving public feel at home while providing a cutting edge movie experience. This means that there are things in entertainment and innovation that you probably should not do.

Here are some things that you probably should not do in a movie hall: – It's okay that life can start but try to get a little early for your movie. There are usually limitations on how late they meet someone, so be sure to check their policies at local theater.

Do not Forget Age and Requirements – Although the MPAA evaluation system is a guide for moviegoers, the theater may be a limit to the age of future young viewers. Furthermore, if you have very young children, you may sometimes find policy information about the best times.

Do not forget the cut-off time for food and drinks – Alcohol reductions have been reduced by local laws and when food is concerned, movie theaters want customers to end their checks before the end of the film. As such, the food service usually ends 30-40 minutes before the end of the film to help in this endeavor.

Do not hurt with a printed ticket – You bought a ticket at home but could not print them, or use a lobby kiosk to print tickets or help in the box office. If you are great at using this technique, you can use QR code for paperless ticketing.

Do not bother – Like in any movie theater, do not be annoying in the movie. This includes the use, conversation and continuous movement of the phone. This is great for those who use their children for children who use mobile devices or who still have difficulties.

A movie-grill or not, these "should not" common sense in almost every application. Consumers, consumers and others should be asked whether they are circumspect and those who are there. According to what has been said, the movie halls have been throwing the industry over the past two decades because of the storm, so you owe yourself to check one. It's worth finding the place to go to the city for a night.

Source by Morris Raymond

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