Five features that the iPhone 5 are looking forward to

As Apple announced that it will launch the latest iPhone 5, it has specifications for various features, features, appearance and other applications. Here we will inform you with some similar features about the near future iPhone 5 probably.

1 – Storage Capacity and RAM:

The next iPhone 5 is expected to have a large capacity compared to previous models. As we know, every time new devices are expected to achieve some growth in memory, the iPhone 5 will probably have 64GB of storage capacity, which is just twice as big as the iPhone 4. Additionally, the list of features adds 1GB of RAM, which is only 512MB in the iPhone 4.

2-8MP Camera with Dual Flash:

Another great feature that changes our phone's use 5 cameras 8MP rear cameras that replace the 5MP camera in the previous iPhone 4, including Dual LED flash. The higher-resolution camera delivers better picture quality and high resolution, and dual LED flashes allow you to get sharper images. According to DigiTimes, Apple buys flash units from Everlight Electronics, Edison Opto and Lite-on Technology.

A5 dual-core processor:

Currently, the apple has launched the single-core processor A4 and now has a great chance of launching the Apple iPhone 5 with the dual-core processor A5 and the reports that are pretty sure. If the reports are not bad, it provides great speed and greater processing performance. Apple has already launched the A5 dual-core processor in the latest iPad 2, which makes our vision of the latest iPhone with the same functionality.

4th Face Detection Technology:

The iPhone 5 offers Face Detection Technology to make iPhone secure. And with this technique you can set your face as a password to unlock your iPhone. The screen can only be released if the technique detects your face. The advantage is that no one else can use the iPhone without your permission.

5th Appearance:

The most anticipated iPhone 5 is expected to give a very attractive look to the user. According to reports, the iPhone 5 will have a much thinner body. In addition, a 4.3-inch screen will appear larger than an upgraded size for the iPhone4 3.5 inches. You can also get the latest iPhone with the removed home physical button. However, according to some reports, the iPhone 5 will have a bigger home button than previous iPhones.

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