Five features of good laptop

iPhones and tablets are becoming more and more popular every day. My friends change their cell phones every six months. These tools can be good for design and gaming. I'm online at university or I'm an internet marketer; can I use iPhone? Readers agree that I can not run a business using an iPhone. Serious computer engineers prefer desktop computers. If your business starts from your home, you need to buy a desktop computer. But laptops are more portable. Easy to carry wherever you want and get 6-10 hours battery backup.

Laptops are becoming more popular because they are cheap and can work with batteries. You get great services at just $ 100- $ 300. The task is to select the best laptop features for long-term use.

Operating System

I've always used a Windows laptop and I do not know any other platforms. Mac laptops are expensive as windows laptops. Each platform has its own feature. Choose a more compatible one. Chrome OS is a good option and this is not expensive. Readers reported problems with Windows 7 and 8. I think Windows is the best operating system, and these problems are solved with the new version. If you buy Windows laptops, you get a free upgrade to Windows 10.

Screen Size and Resolution

I've changed three laptops over the past six months. That's why I'm writing this article. Getting the right screen size is very important. I used a 17-inch laptop earlier, and now I'm using the 11-inch screen. A small LED screen for viewing good movies, but it is difficult to enter a document. I had to make some serious adjustments to make sure it did not hurt my vision.

Keyboard and Touch Pad

Keyboard quality affects more than anything. Check the distance between the keys and check the touch pad. Does it work smoothly? I use a wireless keyboard connected to a laptop. Most people do not use any additional keyboard or mouse. It gives you instructions through these two pointing devices. Make sure you choose the right one.


Most laptops have 4GB of RAM. If you buy a laptop in 2015, look for an 8 GB RAM. It offers excellent multitasking features. Processor speed is also an important factor. Do not compromise the processor speed. Buy the latest CPU at the best possible speed.

Traditional laptop VS 2 in 1 Notebook

Laptops can also work as standard tablets. This is a 2 in 1 feature and you have to decide which one you want. Personally, I use my laptop for business purposes and use the traditional one. The new laptop generation is called a "hybrid laptop". Laptops, mobile phones and tablets melt together on a single screen. It's a great invention for busy people.

If you are planning a general laptops, then take a hybrid laptops. Play games, watch movies, and manage your business at the same time.

Other Important Features:

1. Laptop Battery Life

2. Laptop Warranty

3. Laptop Adapter

4. Laptop Service Center

5.Colour & Model

Good, read the full article. We did not discuss laptop categories in this article. Gaming laptops should be more efficient than general-purpose laptops. Write the paper requirements and carefully make the purchase. Use your laptop for at least 10-12 months before purchase.

Thank you for reading.

Source by Ahmad Raza Khan Bhatti

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