Features of the new iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 4S is ready to debut on October 14th. If you cross over Apple's latest product, this article helps you get to know the latest features. Siri (its assistant), the 8MP camera, and the dual-core A5 chip are just a few of the components that help iPhone 4S create a very powerful device.

Let's talk about Siri first. He will be his virtual assistant. If I was so happy, you could call the whore. You will not only answer questions but understand your questions. He can call. You can assign appointments to iCal and set up reminders. Just call your administrative assistant. Who would not want someone like this?

Secondly, I would like to discuss this powerful camera that is on the phone! Often, I do not, I'm coming to the iPhone to take photos of my kids because I rarely wear them around the big camera. In fact, Apple has said so far that this could be the only camera you need. There are certain confident words. It has not only 8 megapixels, but has a larger f / 2.4 slot that provides more light so the images are brighter and more colorful. Heck, maybe the only camera I need! Do not forget the camcorder too! As a mother I always want to capture the kind and funny things the kids do. I think the actual camcorder days have died. The iPhone video camera produces 1080 HD video. This is the resolution of my apartment in the family room!

What exactly is a dual-core A5 chip? Well, in a word, this is a processor. Okay, two words. Powerful processor. This means it is faster and opens these programs, applications, safari, faster than before. You might think it's a battery hose. But since it's so fast, it actually saves the battery.

The iPhone 4S comes with iOS5. This is the next operating system from Apple and has added more than 200 new features to the ante. The most exciting feature is the notification center. In this center, you can see new e-mails, text messages, missed phone calls, and messages and calendar events. In one place. No more clicks on the home button for the next application. Genius.

Apple's latest creation contains so many new features. I think this is a phone that really destroys the race from the water! All information from the new iPhone 4S comes from the Apple website.

Source by Jessica Crozier

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