Fantastic features of new Macintosh compatible digital voice recorders

It may have been a while for thinking about voice recorders. The tiny tape technology of the new era was seemingly obscured by the latest thing in the 2000s: digital media. Now that the digital media culminates and is relaxed by the exciting new Apple products, sound recorders return to mainstream focus. Not just voice recorders, but also new high-end Mac compatible digital voice recorders.

What do you remember about a tape? Probably slow, frustrating work, hard to hear, and bothering to carry it. However, new digital voice recorders have taken a long way. Look and feel is more comparable to mobile phones or PDAs. What are the best features that you can search for on a Macintosh compatible digital recorder?

Even the simplest systems can provide at least 1 GB of storage, while others provide more than 500 hours of audio storage. You can record not only your own voice or the voice of others, but you can also record MP3s on the radio. Models similar to Philips Voice Tracer 880 allow you to record FM radio and intelligent alarm clocks.

The Mac compatible digital audio recorder features a built-in microphone that can capture realistic, high-quality sound or stereo hi-fi microphones. However, you do not have to worry about using the buttons just to start recording. You have either a one-touch recording mechanism or a voice activation system. With voice recording features, you can easily start talking and wait for the device to start recording immediately. The recorder stops immediately if you find that you have stopped talking. There is no word lost, and thanks to a stereo microphone that's bigger than any word!

These models feature large LCD displays for easy overview of the system. High quality audio lets you play extra slow playback for sound recording or extra sound. Perhaps the best feature is the USB cable connection that allows you to download all MP3 and WAV files to your computer. However, you can transfer files to a laptop or PDA. You can also send such records as a voice message by e-mail!

These Macintosh compatible digital voice recorders are designed for Macintosh systems and are easy to carry and are very lightweight. Unlike the past, they are easily portable and noticeable when placed in the protective cover. You want to carry a Mac-compatible digital voice recorder anywhere!

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