Fake call programs around you

Apple App Store offers some fake callers for iPhone usage and the list is growing. Everyone, at one time or another, get caught in situations that they want to get out of quickly. Only the problem is that they lack some sort of exit policy. With fake callers, you can get rid of almost any unpleasant situation without creating one lie after another to accomplish it. After all, the fake call app is not really a lie; You call yourself and pretend to be someone else. Okay, it's a little white lie, but hey it works.

By reading iPhone app reviews, you can decide which fake call app works best for you. Here are some of them:

Fake Calls give you the choice of name and type of talk like mobile or home and offers one ringtone. You can call in advance and it is easy to use. It's not a lot of fun, but you can choose which wallpaper you want to display when you get the fake call.

Another interesting spin on the fake call is called Escape Pod. Instead of making a fake call, it creates the sound you can enjoy while you're on the phone like a baby crying or a siren noise from a fire truck or ambulance. Escape Pod does not get you out of face to face meetings, but it helps you put an end to unpleasant or unwanted calls in a very innovative way.

Another interesting spin for the fake call has been created by AlibiSMS and it offers custom fake text messages that are easy to use. iPhone app reviews comments app will work if you want to use SMS text messages as a vehicle to get you out of a fixed position or conversation. This is the only service AlibiSMS offers.

Another app that the iPhone app reviews is an exit strategy which is a great tool for making fake calls. With exit strategy, you can set up a fake call or get a little text message. They also offer panic, as well as a second-time call is formed one minute later. How convincing right? If you receive a real call before the timer has started, the time call is closed, but the three options should make the taste even without calling the call at all.

Another great fake caller is HottrixPhone Pro. iPhone app reviews says this app gives you the opportunity to get a number of timed calls using a playlist. Instead of just one phone call or text message, there may be more than one, so you have a few reasons to complete a meeting or call. HottrixPhone Pro improves the credibility of the calls by using actual ringtones. It also provides voice at the other end of the fake call, making this composition highly credible. By calling you more than once, you showed how urgent it is to cancel your current position because it is important to make a call.

One more thing to mention here is GottaDash, which focuses on getting you out of business communities. There are several different ringtones and the time of the rings may vary. As one iPhone app review explains, the ringtone idea is good but other support is required to back up the created scenario.

What a fake caller you choose, it's a lesson in your choice. Be sure to search iPhone app reviews to find the one that best suits your needs.

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