Facts About Gallbladder Disease

Gallbladder disease is one of the leading causes of digestive problems that result in hospital admissions. Did you know that 10% of the population (average) in most western countries is gallstones? Most of them are "silent", but about 4% of patients with stones have symptoms each year. About half of the symptoms appear again within 12 months. More men than women suffer from acute gall bladder infection (cholecystitis), while more men than men experience my epidermis (men have multiple kidney stones) and women with more children than married women have married. The term "gall bladder disease" is a misnomer in a sense because the liver, gallbladder and gall bladder are the system that allows the body to digest fats and everyone is likely to be involved in gall bladder problems.

I've always said that doctors generally perceive health problems as a result of drug-related symptoms, while surgeons detect health problems as patients require knife and, if the patient experiences an abdominal discomfort, they are often relieved the gallbladder is believed to serve very little purpose [#39;éshogyabeteg"kényelmesenélhetnélküle"EzegynevetségesésnagyonhamisbejelentésésszeretnémhakétszerismeggondolnáazepehólyageltávolításátmertazemberektöbbmintfeleláttamkikvoltakazepehólyagjaikmégmindigugyanaztazemésztésiproblémátokoztákmostazonbanazepehólyagnélkülAmintezkintvanezolyancéltszolgálmintmindenolyanszervamivelszülettélésazepehólyageltávolításahatássalleszazegészségedrebizonyosmértékigNéhánybetegesetébenazepehólyageltávolításanagyhatássalvoltegészségéreapályánMásokszámáraezegykisebbvitavolt[19659002] the surgeon, whom I talked to many years ago, mentioned that the operation of the gallbladder was often performed in the hospitals by the young surgeon to "speed them up" in the operating room. He said it was a reliably simple treatment lasting for thirty to forty minutes, enabling them to gain surgical experience before "bigger and better things" for abdominal surgery. I can not think that the functioning of all gallbladder is really necessary because they are so quickly removed these days. The student's engineer first gets to the engine when he learns to replace the spark plugs before he can work deeper into the engine. If the plugs are removed, thoroughly cleaned and replaced, they usually last for a long time. But again, today, more than half of the stock is made in China and "swapped" as it is slightly flawed!

What is the gall bladder function?

The main function of the gallbladder is to collect and concentrate the epi produced by the liver, which is used by the body to digest fats. Think the bile is a bit like a sink liquid. Did you try to wash greasy or greasy dishes without washing a detergent? Not really effective? At least until you pour a little detergent into hot water into hot water, you are no longer clean. The gall bladder is many types of "degreasing fluid" called bile. The balax is twelve times more concentrated in the gall bladder (and thus more effective) than in the liver. Think about this, with your gall bladder vanished, the liver now has to prepare, store and encrypt the bile. You can do this, but not as effective as that little wallet that hangs on the side of the gallbladder.

The liver contains 600-900 ml of epitope per day and which is not sent through the duodenum (at the beginning of the small intestine) directly through the liver's main channel to emulsify the fat through a small canal (branching from the main liver duct) into the gall bladder until it is necessary. If the diet reaches the duodenum (where most foods are digested and absorbed), hormones enter the bloodstream and nerve signs stimulate the gallbladder breakdown. This binding, which has been assisted by small intestine contractions, triggers the small round muscle of the gallbladder and the stored epe leads to the duodenum where the stomach and pancreas juices are fed from the pancreas to the pancreas. If you consume evenly greasy foods (eg fish and chips), your gallbladder may be completely emptied within an hour. This combination of bile and fat may have a kind of "greasy" feeling after a fatty meal.

Billa is made up of water, salts, fatty acids, lecithin, cholesterol, bilirubin and mucus and has two main functions. The first task is to help the absorption and digestion of fats, and the second to remove certain waste products from the body, in particular excess cholesterol and hemoglobin, with a mean life span of 3 months. In particular, the bile improves the solubility of fat-soluble vitamins, fats and cholesterol to assist their absorption, (2) stimulates the secretion of water into (3) the medium for the selection of bilirubin (the main epithelial pigment) such as dead red blood cells, other waste products, waste products from drugs and their degradation products and other toxins.

Acid salts are actually re-absorbed into the small intestine and, after liver withdrawal, the epi is re-excreted. All bile salts in the body reoccur 10-12 times a day through the so-called enterohepatic circulation. In each circulation, a small amount of bile falls into the colon, where the bacteria break through to select the stool.

Is the greatest aesthetic danger?
o 1969006 o Women's gender: women outnumber men at least 2: 1.
o Family history
o For forty or more
o 3 or more children
o Diet: Low calorie , low cholesterol, low in fat. (especially diet like this after a high-fat diet)
o Diet: previously high in fine carbohydrates, alcohol, chocolate, chips, etc.
o Smoking
o High Cholesterol Levels
o Constipation History
o Fast Weight Loss
o Osteoarthritis
o History of Food Allergy
o Lack of water deficiency
o Liver problems such as cirrhosis Past Hepatitis Inflammation
o Penicillin Antibiotic Sensitive

I've seen many women in the clinic who have never had enough digestion for years. Many have experienced a low degree of bad feeling, digestive discomfort, caused by indigestion, constipation or diarrhea, or even an "inhibitory appendix". With digestive symptoms they last for years and years and never realize they are related to the gall bladder problem. This is because they are so related to other digestive symptoms and it's too easy for their doctors to say, "You're okay, there's nothing to worry about." Constipation is one of the most frequently missed complaints and so fing. Do not be embarrassed, we all sneak up, some people (and lots of little children) enjoy pride, but women do it and are generally embarrassed. Flatus is the most common in bed when you first lie down at night or when you get up. This is because the intestine changes its position and the gas passes through the anus more easily in the colon than in the horizontal and not in the upright position. Do not laugh, but do you sometimes feel greasy, frumpy and farty, and sometimes "sick" after eating a greasy meal like fish, chips or chocolates? Does your partner do what you "let off"? Then the gall bladder problem can be very good.

Four F

Have you heard the four f? We learn when we study the doctor that women who are "fatty, fertile, forty and naive" are often gall bladder girls. They are more susceptible to gallstones or slow liver and gallbladder. The list below is for gallbladder, but please note that this may be different. The first four symptoms are the most common phenomenon of the gall bladder. It is not necessary for the gallbladder problems to have all or many symptoms, but the more this list is, the more confirmation that your gallbladder is affected. Please note that it is still advisable to consult with GP for accurate diagnosis.

Signs and symptoms of imminent gall bladder problems (If you answer yes to the first four (one star), contact your healthcare professional for a more accurate diagnosis.)

  • Pain or sensitivity under the ribs may be the right side of the central *
  • Pain in the shoulder blades, central but may be under the shoulder straps *
  • Chairs in light or chalk colors
  • Digestive disorders after meals, especially fatty or fatty foods
  • Remedies of joint or gall bladder In your family
  • Weight gain after recent digestive problems or gallbladder removal
  • Frequent use of antacids
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Blowing
  • Farting
  • easily absorbs gas after meals
  • The feeling of completeness or non-digestible nutrition
  • Hasmen and (or alternately soft and solid)
  • Constipation (or simply day-to-day exclusion)
  • is especially true
  • Gentle fluid comes up after nutrition, mild reflux and very delicate
  • Common use of laxatives is in itself a high risk is a factor in gallbladder problems and women with a weight index of 30 or more have more than double risk than women with a BMI of 25 or less. Although weight loss decreases the risk of gallstones, arthroplasty increases 15-25% during or immediately after weight loss. I have seen this with many patients over the years; they lose weight and are proud to experience digestive problems only after 12 to 18 months of diarrhea and then a bad pain. One of the most important heart tests in America has found that almost twice as high (41.8% vs 23.1%) of women with type 2 diabetes are non-diabetic patients with gastric embolism and the highest risk among 30-59 years of age.

    I always ask people about these common questions when they come up with a (suspected) gallbladder disorder – "Have you just lowered your weight, you say in the last two years?" "Have you been in a fat diet lately?" "What kind of regular meals and drinks do you love?" If you ask the right questions, you will be surprised how many will actually tell you what's wrong with them and the answers point to the essence of the problem. Obesity (and rapid weight loss (for example, 1 pound a week), the "fat-free" diet is particularly bad.

    Poor eating habits – especially fat and fried foods, alcohol, too many dairy products such as cheeses and whole cream, refined sugars and starches, high protein foods (excess), food allergy, parasites, long-term use of birth control pills and a seated potato The Atkins diet frenzy caused many gallbladder problems such as: After these factors work, the passage of the bile and the gall bladder to the gallbladder becomes thicker, the bile ducts then become unstructured, pebbles and stones (90% of the total gallbladder is cholesterol), and the whole bile system may become clogged, Causing factors include inadequate water consumption, weak immune system (increases the likelihood of infection in the bile duct r), as well as diabetes and various liver diseases.

    Prevention of gall bladder problems lies in regulating the use of obesity, nutrition and adequate water consumption and proper exercise. Louise Hay, an interesting lady who in 1976 wrote the book "Heal Your Life" in 1976 about the physical problems that emotions might have and that anger, aggression and bitterness can lead to gall bladder problems. It is very important to keep the immune system strong, as well as the health of the liver and the small intestine. Let's look at some non-therapeutic alternatives as soon as the gallbladder problems are apparent and how to prevent this problem first. Food Allergy is often found and eliminated to prevent frequent attacks of gallbladder pain and to prevent unnecessary surgical removal. In a study, avoiding allergies facilitated symptom-induced symptoms in 100% of 69 patients with symptomatic gallstones or post-cholecystectomy (postoperative) syndrome (Alan Gaby, uncontrolled study by the United States). I'm not convinced that testing antibodies is the way to food allergies and try: muscle testing, knowing someone who does an electrical dermal test. Either way, try eliminating the allergy or diet, this may be the answer to your problems.

    To repeat gall bladder pain – suspicious food allergy in just 100% of patients. On average, I find that they respond to 4 or 5 foods, and Dr. Jonathon Wright, one of the most experienced medicine in one of the natural doctors, is usually one of the most important food allergies. In the United States, more than 800,000 cholecystectomies (gallbladder function) occur each year and cost $ 5,000. If the math is here, then effective preventive natural medicine can save $ 4 billion in the condition of the gall bladder. I can imagine how many unnecessary operations are done in NZ every year, and it's really amazing how many people I've seen, whose bladder can only find that they did not solve the problem originally with the doctor first.

    Other medical techniques used to treat gall bladder disorders include the attempt to fragment them with lithotripsy. Of course, there are also cases where surgery may be necessary, for example in the perforation of the gall bladder (often from the gangrene), or where, for example, there are no benign tumors and crabs. I call this all "crisis management", so common in the orthopedic medical procedures of the hospital system. Does it make sense to prevent the condition of the gall bladder in the first place rather than strike the catastrophe and then act?

    What's your back?

    You see your skeleton; They may be mid-thoracic vertebral subluxations. If you have recesses, your fourth chest may be a bit dodgey, you can look at a subluxation, which means mild dislocation or biomechanical malfunction of the vertebrae (spine bones). These distortions can irritate the neural roots and veins that span between spinal columns between the vertebrae, and if this occurs in the middle of the back, it may affect the gall bladder. I always suggest that episodes (digestive enzymes) are taken by the patient in need of removal of the gallbladder because the fats and oils are not properly digested and absorbed by these people. I always give you cessation if I give fish oil or vitamin A to them. Digestive enzymes are essential for those who have been removed from their gallbladder, feeling much better if they are on a regular basis. Digestion will improve, intestines will work better and become less full and puffy. In patients who do not improve their diet after surgical removal of the gall bladder, removal results in an increased risk of colon cancer. Although rapid relief of symptoms can follow this surgery, relief is often short-lived, and the underlying causes are still present. If you have lost your gallbladder, the regular use of bile salts can help significantly, including the better processing of fat-soluble essential nutrients such as essential fatty acids and vitamins A, D, E and K. is the best way to tell you that you are using enough juice to check the stool color. If the color is lighter than the normal brown color or even a light beige or yellow color, then this does not suffice for a smooth process; with the absorption of essential nutrients, and several episodes are needed. The demand for such bile salts is higher for larger amounts of fats and oils after eating. Talk to Naturopate here, recommend a product that works well. In general, I find that the digestive enzymes prescribed by Naturopath are stronger and more effective than the retail (health food store) products. That is why they are considered as "only practitioners". My website (see the resource account) provides more information about "just practicing" products.

    Useful herbal supplements with liver and gallbladder complaints: Swedish bitter, dairy, chamomile, peppermint, bigger celandine, grammar school, gravel root, dandelion and root, chicory, rhombus, burdock, cramps with bark. curcuma.

    Homeopathic medicine: Chelidonium 30C is one of the most important homeopathic medicines, and I recommend this medicine to patients who complain of right pains that radiate through the back causing pain with the right shoulder strap. It is mainly thought of as liver damage, but I find it also fantastic for gall bladder disorders.


    Remove refined sugar and other refined carbohydrates because these foods especially increase the cholesterol saturation of the ears. Gallbladder problems generally do not occur in developed countries, they are the phenomena of the Western developed world. These health problems are called "diseases of modern civilization". You will find that our Western diet is very sophisticated, most people eat food from the supermarket, and our diet of refined sugars, starches and streams is high. Foods and beverages that strictly avoid the consumption of one of the worst potions from gallbladder problems, coffee, regardless of whether it is decaffeinated or not, exacerbates the symptoms as the gall bladder is contracted with sugar. So sugar and coffee are not a good idea! I also tell the patients to avoid chocolate, fried foods and saturated animal fats in general. Most people tell me they can not tolerate these foods, so listen to your body and avoid what's bad or bad.

    Gallbladders that have a beneficial effect include sugar beet, buds, fennel, sour cabbage, parsley, artichokes, pears, grandmother smith apples and bitter foods such as rocket, endive, chicory and capers.

    Consuming a small amount of olive oil a day One way to prevent accumulation of gallbladder is to consume a small amount of oil, especially extra virgin olive oil a day; it encourages the gallbladder to collapse and remove the daily "sand" into the small intestine, preventing accumulation of sludge and gallbladder formation.


    Warm castor oil packaging. You only need 200 ml of castor oil (try chemical or supermarket) and old pans, old clothes and old towels. Heat the old cloth in the oil pan until it is warm, pull it out and bring it to the gallbladder – in the middle a little to the right, just at the point where the bud is over. Cover the old towel, put on a hot water bottle with warmth and lie down for fifteen to twenty minutes, then rub the area with ice cubes for two minutes three times with a cloth again, one time once for a week, sometimes block the gall bladder and especially effective treatment , when used with the flush and diet approach. Careful castor oil, this is a stain. There are many types of gall bladder and liver bones that work when they have recurrent gall bladder problems and typically have nutrition typically Kiwi. You really have to work with a health professional like naturopathy. It has introduced countless patients during the past twenty years and has never experienced any problems, and to be honest I have rarely found a person whose "thick epithelial" is too big to pass.

    Gallbladder "Attack" Try These Recipes Here are some tips to try acute pain if the pain does not decrease, contact a medical opinion.

    o 1 tablespoon apple apple a glass of apple juice (warmed). This pain needs to handle quickly.
    o In a small glass, add concentrated turmeric, tsp cumin and t tsp Manuka honey – top with hot water, stir to dissolve and mix, warm warmth. Take: 3 times a day.
    o Citrus tea: 3 cups of tea a day, boiled for 20 minutes in hot water with a grapefruit shell.

    Recommendations for stopping future gall bladder attacks

    1. Every morning you should drink a "gall bladder attack"; 300 ml apple juice (or dilute with water), 3 chestnut raw finely chopped garlic, 1-2 inches of crude finely ground ginger root, stir well in the mixer. This drink facilitates the deposition of sludge and promotes gallbladder accumulation of rubbish.

    2nd Liver and gallbladder flush. A simple rinsing needs 3 tons of extra virgin olive oil to drink with lemon juice before retiring and waking for at least 3 days or until several stones pass through. There are other flushes, but they are only used when consulting with a patient. This is a procedure that I think you should not drive yourself at home without giving guidance, but get advice from a qualified Naturopath, preferably with one of the experience in this area.

    3rd To eat a balanced diet of 50% raw or partially steamed foods and fresh fruit juices, fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, legumes, nuts and seeds. This low saturated fat, high-fiber nutrition, is needed for the healing of gall bladder disorders. Flaxseed and Olive Oil are excellent additions to the diet to improve and prevent gallstones. The bitter foods (see below) are a great addition and help prevent future recovery. Are the two most important foods to be consumed? lemon juice and olive oil.

    4th Intake of vitamin C may increase gallbladder disease. Fill Vitamin C with vitamins C rich in fruits and vegetables daily. Good sources include capsicums (red / green / yellow), berries, lemons and broccoli / green leafy vegetables. I suggest high quality vitamin C powder daily to prevent and maintain a wide variety of diseases.

    5th Herbal detoxification products can be helpful in stopping and reversing the gallbladder attack. I suggest meals that use organic whole herbs. There are some excellent products, just ask the herb or naturopath.

    3 Tips After It Passes The Epithelial Spine

    o Dr. Dick Versendaal, an American carnivore's "Carotid-Knight Technique" recommends. To achieve the best result, every 1 to 3 hours of every 15 minutes should be used as follows (easier when someone else does it to you): Using the index finger, apply a steady pressure to the abdominal button for 5 minutes by pressing the lip button inch inches (but avoid pain). Do this once a day 12 weeks after the stones are passed, this will help your gall bladder.

    o Solid rubbing for at least 30 seconds, nerve lymph reflexes 1-2 times a day (these points may be sufficiently sensitive if they have gall bladder) between ribs 3 and 4 and ribs 4 and 5, the nipple side, and between the ribs 5 and 6, directly beneath the nipple of the right breast, can be very useful.

    o Also hold slowly (do not press or rub) for at least one minute the nerve-vascular reflexes in the front fountain (the head of the head is the soft spot of the baby near the crown of the crown – find the tip of the middle finger when the hinges on both hands place the middle finger on the centerline of the skull) and the hair on the forehead directly at the outer corner of each eye. Find "clean spots", find them.

    Source by Eric Bakker ND

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