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Pretty 24 is a new creme in the block. Your ads in the various indications that relate to fair advertising in India; However, the announcement is silent about the benefits of the product. Angry (or upset) young women dissect their iraxes as they feel betrayed by Fairness creams on the market. Your ad ends with a shot of the product and sets it for every skin tone as a cream. The brand targets women between the ages of 20 and 35, as indicated by livemind.

Quite good …

Indian fairness cream market is quite mature. From general-purpose fair creams to fair-bodied men's creams to dark patches up to fair creams up to winter purity creams; exploiting all conceivable subgroup promises, the market has grown, which is said to be around the INR 4500 crore and growing! In this scenario, creating categories by careful segmentation can be considered a successful key for a new entrant on a crowded shelf as the "Anti" position places the new participant in direct competition with others. In addition, the ability to exploit the existing distribution network increases muscle mass, which is critical to success. For all these calculations, the Pretty 24 is quite beautiful.

The dark side …

Pretty 24 is it a bit late? Is it based on a carefully chosen board or intuition? Or is this the confusing factor at the end of the Marketer? Was this the idea when the peak came 10, 15, 20 years ago?

In India, the factor of pride has been established on one's own skin; especially girls, neighbors such as Ms. India, Supermodel, etc., and for the very premium brands of international brands, coloring has never been a problem. Over the years, most of the fairness cream brands have formulas that slightly bleach the benefits, at least the moisture content of the skin.

For Fair-Tales Inspired Buyers for the II. And III. Levels in semi-urban centers; this is still "right" to success. So, is the brand Pretty 24 Targeting? And what is the reason for the purchase it offers to consumers (unless the campaign reveals it).

The Fair & Lovely leader of the "Fairness" category has long gone for Fairness & # 39; "Trust" and "Success". More than Brand Fair & Lovely, which is evident in the stories told by the Fair & Lovely Foundation publication by the author. The foundation is concerned with the care of talented women.

You can see what the new entrant will have on it. Pretty 24 is an attempt to cut an instant slice of a fair cream market in India? With just 1% stake in INR 40-50 crore!

Every Justice …

Pretty 24 has the belief that not just another offer. He suffers from experimenting to be different. Communication and suggestions make the knowledge of the brand. But will he catch you? A Brand Salience is ever linked (the benefit to consumers); and not merely trying to get angry with other brands.

Source by Vijay P

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