Extract mineral from the old mobile phone

It's better to recycle unwanted or old phones, rather than collecting or preserving it. But in general, people do not recover their mobile phones. Instead, they sell it to poor people at a cheaper rate or can even lend it to charity activities. The recovery process of the phone has come up, so your old one could get you money and save the environment. Contains hazardous waste consisting of copper, lead, mercury, cadmium, barium, nickel, antimony and zinc, which eventually leads to landfill. Therefore, environmental impact must be considered and people must be aware of the toxicities present on mobile phones.

Undesirable produce 65,000 tonnes of toxic waste and pollute 132,000 liters of water. On average, life expectancy is 18 months, where people work more and choose new products. The number of unused people has contacted half a billion, and next year 130 million will be added to it. It has been found that 130 million people weigh about 14000 tons. It contains approximately 2100 tons of copper, 46 tons of silver, 3.9 tons of gold, 2 tons of palladium and 0.04 of platinum.

It has also been found that 230 grams of gold can reduce one ton of old or unused. It has also been found that one ton of old is approximately worth $ 6000. You could get money to offer old for recycling. He can also lend money for charity or other soldiers at his wishes. Content stored in the phone must be deleted by resetting the system before it is recycled.

Blackberry or Apple iPhone mobile phone could get you a good amount when reused. Recycling of unwanted mobile phones affects the financial, environmental and health prospects. Not only gold, core elements such as copper, lead and zinc can also be recycled through this process. The benefit of this recycling technique for mobile phones should catch the ears of common people, as only two percent of unused old mobile phones are recycled per year. This can be done by organizing some awareness plans and campaigns on how it affects the environment and health. Thus, the only way to bring a mobile recycling process is to spread the consequences of unwanted people. First of all, each of us should come to recycle our own old cell phones at home; even if there is one in number. If the person is unaware of the process and how to do it, he may refer to websites that provide information about places or stores where it is done.

Source by David A Bruce

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