Expanded Reality and Retail

More important than the moment you want to buy a customer as an ad banner when a person simply checks or plays. The emergence of new technologies that promote the relationship between sellers and customers has resulted in significant changes in online and offline purchases. With fast-changing AR technology, stores can connect to potential customers at any stage: when a person has a home on a computer, looking for a product on a mobile device, looking for a business window or looking for a warehouse directly for the buyers of products. AR is already used by world-renowned brands such as Nike, Lacoste, Topshop, IKEA, Heels.com and others.

Every day, one person faces enormous amounts of information, including hundreds of products, whenever they need it. On the road to buy exactly what we are looking for, we have a large number of similar products. Because of this similarity, it is often difficult to describe the words we need, especially when an image is not related to a product. In order to help customers find the right product online, Heels.com has applied Augmented Reality for visual search. A special application is compared to the current bargains in the store, such as shoes on the web.

In this example, you can see that technology analyzes the pixels in the image and compares this data with the data available in the online store. As a result, it will no longer be difficult to find the right thing you've ever seen and just decided to buy it.

There are various similar applications that attract potential customers.

AR based AR based applications allow customers to evaluate the appearance of different products (such as shoes, clothes, jewelery) or their home (furniture, interior details).

So far, there are many similar applications, programs and devices that have Augmented Reality technology great. In the near future, experts predict the real boom of AR technologies in the various industries. By 2020, over 200 million people will use the AR application on their gadgets to search for different products. But this is the unique development path that needs serious players in large integrated marketing campaigns. However, services are becoming more and more popular on the market today so they offer very cheap and reliable tools to easily locate objects in the AR.

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