Entourage Edge EBook Reader with dual-sided display – is it really twice your pleasure?

The Entourage Edge has more or less the same look and shape as a netbook, but it's not a netbook. Although netbooks have a single display and keyboard, this machine is in two screens – 9.7 inch eInk display and 10.1 inch LCD color display.

Laptop Magazine has released the first detailed review of Entourage Edge. Although an accountant found the machine a little cumbersome, she is completely fond of her ability to serve many purposes. Indeed, with its versatility, Edge succeeds in making Amazon Kindle boring.

The Edge is actually an eBook reader but at 3 pounds, it's many times heavier than a dedicated eBook reader. You can use this device to download and read books on the eInk screen. You can also take notes on either touch sensitive screens with the attached style. The Edge has a built-in calendar and voice recorder so you can record lectures. And when you feel the need, you can view your favorite websites, such as Facebook or Twitter. And unlike dedicated eBook readers, Edge can play music and video.

Since Edge is an Android device, it can run numerous third-party applications, such as the Dolphin browser, RSS reader and Facebook and Twitter applications. On the cover, the software that ships with the device is not on the market. In fact, apps catalog is not yet fully functional and stores fewer better sellers than Kindle apps catalog. But these are issues that may be solved by the time the machine gets to the street.


Strange eInk display with style support
Hinge allows you to break either screen over the
Android built so you can run a number of third-party applications
Includes DocumentsToGo


Heavy for eBook Reader or Table
Application Stores Are Not Online
No 3G
Narrow Viewing Angles

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