Enterprise Integration Program (EIA)

We have seen that the ERP system has two important limits:
First, the ERP system only provides current status, such as open orders. Managers often need to ignore current positions to find trends and patterns that facilitate better decision-making.

Secondly, data in the ERP application is not integrated with any other company or departmental system and does not involve external intelligence.

There is another aspect of this problem. In many ERP projects, all systems in the organization had not been covered by ERP functionality. There are still some systems that work outside of the ERP system. But in order for the ERP system to work well, data from other applications will be integrated with the ERP system. While extensive Prospero-based solutions require significant tinkings, pre-configured solutions, such as those offered by CrossWorlds, are designed to be implemented with minimum.

Katrina Garnett, founder of CrossWorld, CEO, says that predefined assessment methods are sensible for companies that do not want to be saddled with a major development project. According to her, most organizations need to associate their ERP only with a reliably chosen group of general applications. So for such organizations, the predefined environmental impact solution is the best option.

CrossWorld software includes external integration for front office to receive office applications from such vendors as Aurum Software Inc. and VantiveCorp. as well as ERP packages from SAP, PeopleSoft, Baan and others. The company's presence includes an NT-based server and a number of business processes by special application attachments.

In view of this complexity, it is necessary to find the right amount of research to find the right environmental impact for application action. Since the software software software is in the manufacturing stages, some manufacturers are still struggling to meet customers and # 39; precise needs. Most sellers have popular applications quite welcome, but can lead to problems when trying to integrate ERP with blurry or custom programs. At the same time, major ERP manufacturers themselves deal with the need to link their products to the front office. A recent report from Hurwitz Group Inc. says that ERP vendors, such as SAP, Oracle and Baan, are developing

their own harmonized solutions in front of their office. This means the availability of better integrated options. Access to environmental impact for connecting programs without bugs can be tricky. So why deal with ERP integration at all? Simple, however, it is more common to create an integration line than to develop a custom, customized solution locally.

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