Effect of radiation from electronic gadgets on humans

Look around and count the number of electronic devices you own. Your cellphones / smartphones, laptops, desks, tablets, music players, televisions, hifi systems, personal WiFi / mifi and much more (check the use of plural words because it's becoming reality). You probably did not know that you have as many. Do not worry, it's not just you. Everyone has more gadgets than they need.

Each gadget emits some kind of radiation. So is that good for you? For many years, people were asking if radiation from mobile phones had any impact on humans. But in the last 5 years the debate in the general media seems to have died down. So has the radiation simply gone away? The answer is no. It's still around, and although every device could radiate less radiation, we now use more devices. Even if people have stopped talking about it, it's still a problem. Worse of all, experts can not be sure they are good or bad for men.

Search Google for "Radiation Effect on Mobile Phones per Person." View the first page and you will see that the opinion is very divided. Some experts say it causes cancer, can destroy brain cells, increase human response time and affect sleep patterns. However, some experts say that a small amount of radiation can really improve your health and thinking ability. There are also those who say that a small amount of radiation simply does not matter.

We could stop using all our electronics now. Otherwise, there is a very specific article of research that deals with ways to balance bad radiation that humans take from electronic equipment. Their goal is to try to emit inverse radiation to balance the balance. Imagine that +1 plus -1 creates 0. They call a positive beam of radiation and an area of ​​electromagnetic field research. We do not get anything positive, but at least it neutralizes the negative effects of radiation, which in itself is a major improvement.

This is an advanced study but at least there is hope. Whether you believe that electronic radiation is bad or bad for you, it's important that you understand the risk and take appropriate measures to protect you. There is a real problem that affects everyone.

Source by Jason Tanzy

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