Easy to use with Jitterbug Cell Phone Seniors

When I first heard about a Jitterbug mobile phone from one of my close friends, I was thinking how simple and easy it was. It reminded me of a simple home phone. I decided to try it after experiencing problems with the most advanced technology mobile phones.

I remember when I tried the phone for the first time, I really liked the simplicity of the phone. This is a perfect cell phone for those who just do not want to deal with the technology of new mobile phones in the market.

Unlike most mobile phones, in today's market, this phone does not have the confusing menus that all other mobile phones have. You have the option to choose yes or no, depending on what you want to do, making this phone as easy as 1-2-3.

Another great feature of the Jitterbug phone is the large number of buttons. I like the number buttons for mobile phones, such as Blackberry. I have big chubby fingers that make it difficult to pierce numbers on small number buttons.

I also noticed that incoming and outgoing calls are clearly sharp and the phone still reduces the background noise that other, more expensive mobile phones do not.

The Jitterbug mobile phone also has a calling id like all other cell phones and most home phones.

All the things I love about Jitterbug, I think, the thing I like the most, is the fact that Jitterbug has no contract. All my previous mobile phone companies had to sign a contract before I got a mobile phone. The bad thing about contracts is the fact that they are usually obliged to be 1 year old. For some mobile phone companies, the contracts last for 2 years. I do not like the contracts because if I change my cell phone for some reason before the contract ends, I charge an expensive fee.

However, I was excited that the Jitterbug phone did not have a contract. The fact that Jitterbug, in my opinion, is extremely affordable.

I highly recommend the Jitterbug phone to anyone who is not technically savvy, like grandparents and parents, and those who only get their first mobile phone. Extremely user-friendly than other mobile phones, and it's not hard to contract.

Source by Alexander Moran

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