Easy repair for the broken iPhone 4 back cover

Have you ever had a closer look at the iPhone 4 design. The new slim and modern look catches your eyes when removing the packaging. However, the 80% glass surface change is very deceptive. After further interrogation, I began to think that this design was clearly business purpose. This is brilliant, the phone is now 80% glass, so a 4/5 chance is that when you drop the iPhone 4 you either break the screen or the back cover. Fortunately, Apple was consumer-friendly in making the back cover easy to fix.

The back cover is historically the hardest part of fixing the phone (as it was previously connected to the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS models). The iPhone 4 offers a much easier repair option on the back cover. The iPhone 4 has two screws at the bottom of the phone, which simply comes with a small Phillips head screwdriver. After removal, the iPhone 4 back cover simply slides and comes out.

To fix this, you can save the plastic space effect and buy a new piece of glass or make a recommendation that only buys the kit. I think we're talking about about $ 10, which keeps the phone clean and original. After you buy this new kit, just slide it back, fit the two screws and get ready.

The backside of improving the simple backing is that the screen is now much more difficult to fix. Now it requires the removal of almost all phone components.

Source by Jeremy Bates

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