Drone who looks after your car: The Compustar DR-1000

Do not you want instead of moving a lot of your electronic products, could you have it all at once? Now, with technology increasingly integrating your electronic products into one, you can complete many features from one electronic product. One of our new, fully integrated electronic devices, which allows you to connect to your smartphone, is the Compustar DR-1000, a high-tech car alarm system that interacts with your smartphone.

Highlight alert system was introduced on the Consumer Electronics Show in 2011. It can interact with not only iPhone but other smartphones, including Blackberry and Android phones. It will alert you to your smartphone when there is a security issue that allows you to access the scene immediately.

It also allows you to open and close the car door with your smartphone, so you no longer need to carry the sender. You can manage everything from your smartphone. It allows you to start and stop your system and open your launcher. Steering does not stop there, but you can virtually control everything in your car, from heated seats to sliding doors.

Almost every expert deal as a real award in this system is the GPS location, which helps you find your car and give you instructions on your smartphone. A really handy tool, especially for those who get lost in parking at the mall!

After finding your car, you can reach the DR-1000 in the car's position. You can check the alarm, voltage, speed, and temperature status. You can also control your car and control system, allowing you to keep an eye on where you have been, speeding up and even reminding you of the required maintenance!

From the smartphone with the DR-1000 alarm system, you can almost do everything! It ensures your car, enables automated driving experience and helps you control your car's daily maintenance! The DR-1000 is certainly an eye-catcher for future technology as it goes more and more towards electronic integration.

Source by Marie Coles

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