Droid X: Pocket Concierge

Droid X: Road Warrior

When I'm on an extended road, I like to take everything with me without having to add a stunning laptop. Over the past month I decided to use the Droid X as a moving office to be productive and interconnected. I found you to be a super companion. It has helped to process data, write, publish, communicate via email, sms, mms, and IM. This led me to, and more courageous for me valuable information along the way journey is more enjoyable. He was also entertained with music, e-books, audiobooks, movies and TV.

Before Organizer

Even before packing, I think it's always a good idea to create a list of things: before leaving home, things are needed, packs, places to visit, and electronic items, including apps. If you look at the Android Store, there are many, many list apps. Some are better than others. My favorite is always ListPro, but unfortunately not yet available. I hope soon.

From the many options I've evaluated, I finally decided on the Springpad application, which is free. In my opinion, this is the best available, even in paid applications, as it has powerful features. Automatically creates a copy of all the lists, tasks, reminders and links that are stored on Springpadit.com and is always available anywhere on your PC or handheld. Allows you to make notes and check lists in different categories, such as shops, restaurants, wines, products, books, movies, tasks, music albums, shopping, packaging, and recipes.

You can add photos, web pages, emails, or text fragments to hyperlinks, then send them by email or SMS. You can add media by taking a photo, scanning a product, using an existing photo, or taking a voice recording. The latter's great feature on the road.

However, there is a serious thing that I hope will be remedied soon: it does not allow to sort items within the lists, but it does strangely make lists. Go to the number. Accordingly, you may be able to search for a different application on the big lists that sorts the items internationally. I just chose a shopping list for this purpose only for my shopping list. It does work but does not allow for import / export or additions sound.

Here's another good reason to be a packet list. When I was in Albuquerque, I broke my car and bought a few thousand dollars. Among the shocks of the moment, it was difficult to note what is missing from the police report. The list helped me greatly. Albuquerque is a bad place … stay away.

Another important element to go through is a sort of secure electronic wallet. My favorite for eWallet for years. Fortunately, it's now available for Android. Sync with your desktop data so you have a backup. This program has saved my life several times. When I stole my credit card, I was able to contact the companies, delete them and get new ones soon, thanks to eWallet. This is a free app that can save bacon.

While talking about security and lost items, I highly recommend installing the Where the My Droid instance in case you lose or lose your device. This remarkable application allows you to send a text message on the lost device. It is possible to raise the volume and ring for a specified time or return a text message with its latitude and longitude (provided the GPS is turned on).

Navigation and guidance

In the first half of my trip I used my reliable Mio GPS, but I left it in Albuquerque. Droid X came to the rescue. I used the built-in navigation program with Google Maps and enjoyed the amazing 3D satellite imagery that shows current photos of your trip, including current buildings. With this program, with a window structure, there is no need to travel.

Moving and communicating handholds is a good idea on the road. That is why I have tried some applications to help me. I think I've installed my favorite for the Droid X. It's called Car Home. The large buttons on the Home screen are Navigation, Voice Search, Contact Search, and Maps. You can also install other applications. There is an additional screen with six large buttons on both sides of the home screen where you can easily access the applications you choose while driving.

At the top of the home screen, a large red display with a speedometer, a digital compass, and a weather report that never worked for me.

A similar application is the Car Dock, which is available for free at the Store. The home screen is displayed with six buttons by using Call, My Position, Music, Add App, Voice Search, and Close.

After relieving my window-mounted GPS in robbery, I returned to the Droid X with the built-in navigation system with Google. It has a well-functioning, fast-forward, wavy voice command, and the 3D photo background is wonderful. As far as I know, no other application has this feature. Go to Google.

I was in charge of finding out that one of my old favorites, CoPilot Live, is now available for Android. I could not resist copying. It's a real tool for traveling on the road, with all the features you can expect. However, it does not have a wonderful satellite imagery offered by Google and does not have a panel that contains information such as your arrival time, distance, etc. You can view this information, but you need some touch to access, which is not cool when driving.

Travel Information

In most places along the way, there was an opportunity to connect to the Web with sightseeing, history, geology, restaurants, hotels, etc. The offline source for tourist attractions is Travel America, which is free and worth it.

If you enjoy Geocaching during your trip, I recommend the copy of C: GEO. Quickly displays a list of nearby caches stored. Controls the map and compass on the page. There are others available at the application store, but this is my favorite and it's free.


If you track your travel costs, it's pretty cumbersome that your revenue will accumulate and get stuck in your glove box, pocket, suitcase, and more. The Droid X has become very easy with a free application called Expensify. With "Expensify", you typically use the costs to categorize by hand, cost reimbursement and taxation. You can read your earnings quickly. All records online can be exported and exported. Great application.

There are many other applications in this category that you want to investigate some, some do not, but the Expensify seemed to best serve my needs.

If you monitor your vehicle's performance, maintenance, and mileage, there are applications as well. Try autoMOBILE $ .99.


It's always good to travel for pleasure or business, so it's easy to travel without straining on a bulky laptop and still productive. With my Droid X I was as productive as I wanted to be without missing a beat. With the handheld device, the most severe bottleneck of productivity is an effective input tool. The onboard keyboard is not designed for efficient delivery. I'm pleased to announce that using the Droid X I had the opportunity to use the KeyPro application to connect the Freedom full-sized, five-way foldable keyboard with Bluetooth. KeyPro is available on the market. You can download and test it on your device for free. But if that works, the paid version wants to get the most valuable investment in mobile productivity at $ 9.95.

I have to admit I really fought for keyboard operation. Patience and persistence was abnormal, but after getting the Droid X keyboard, it was a perfect marriage. Once created, it's easy to connect. When I have time, I intend to write an article about the necessary steps to make it happen quickly and easily.

Another disadvantage of non-Windows devices is that they are unable to read office documents. Partial solutions can be to view online items stored on Google Docs. However, the key to true mobile productivity is not just viewing and editing Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and PDF documents. What to do?

Fortunately, there is a remarkable third-party application that DataViz called Documents to Go. The free version can only view the.doc and.xls file. To view, edit and create pdf, .xls, .ppt, and.dof files, you will need a paid version that costs only $ 14.99.

The new version 3.0 offers all new user interfaces with many improved features. You can now access and edit all Google Docs. You can even create new ones.

This is an application you need if you want to be a serious roadwarrior. Do not leave without home.

There are times when it comes to life or death when we need to get access to our home or office computers remotely. This has happened to me several times during the journey and luckily there are applications for this. One is very recommendable for PhoneMyPC. However, note that you must install it on your computer before leaving your home. You can not do it remotely. Buy before you fly. It costs $ 9.95 and another worth investing in mobile independence.

With all of these productivity tools, you're ready to fight and face any road conditions and stay creative while traveling.


I'm going to resist the temptation to talk about toys because there are too many and everyone has their own idea of ​​the right games. However, I noticed that Angry Birds' completely free full version was available when I was on the road. I tried and found it unconscious but addicting. There is a co-program, called the Angry Birds Walkthrough, which provides a solution for all levels.

One of the inconveniences I face in hotel rooms is that all channels and times are different to my favorite programs. Even if I'm lucky enough to find one, I still suffer through ads that I'm losing.

The best option is Slingplayer, which is pleased to announce that it is available for Android. The Droid XI is now able to access and control my home TV in HD and watch live or recorded TV anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi connectivity. The pain is at the end of a long day. In order to use this fun entertainment source, Slingbox must be installed on home television. For details, visit Slingmedia.com.

If you're watching TV, there are free and paid apps that allow you to view a limited number of selections. TV.com is a good, free, but little complete episode available. You may be able to try Hulu's new paid version for $ 9.95 per month. You should also look at SPB TV and Orb.

Once you have downloaded a package to your favorite melodies, you are all forced to listen to the pleasure or relax with the building's player. Or download new songs online. If you are really a tune of melody, you want to take another micro SD card.

Of course, there are all sorts of listening options available on the many online radio stations around the world. You should never lose the music while traveling.

Hands down, my dearest favorite is Pandora. Free downloads and allows you to import your favorite artists, albums, or melodies. You will find other similar music to play for the joy of listening.

As the ear pads or Bluetooth headsets are dangerous while driving, it's a good idea to pick up a beautiful little FM module on WalMarton and anywhere else for ten dollars. All you have to do is plug in the Droid and tune it on your radio to an empty FM frequency to radiate the phone's voice on the car's speaker system. This also works great for audio books.

With regard to audio books, if you do not like the high price of buying audio books, up to $ 85, you can try the Audio books for free in the Android storage. I spent many pleasant hours in the classics sales. Audio tours make the time very fast and unforgiving. Be sure to use a Bluetooth loudspeaker or FM modulator connection for safety.

If you prefer to pull a good book at a time, instead of observing the hip tube, get a good eReader application from the store. Basically all of you are ready because the Kindle eBook reader is installed on the Droid X. The Kindle is half satisfactory, but it does not compare with readers familiar with Windows Mobile. In the market, other readers are also available, most free. You can go to Amazon.com and download e-books without payment. There are several other places on the web using e-books. There are also some on the Android Market.

I can not get from the library, but in the local directory, NetLibrary allows you to download WMA and MP3 eAudio books. Of course, I can do it anywhere on the road, and it's free. Droid X worked flawlessly. Look in your library.

The only time I read a wooden frame if I was in jail. Thanks for Goodness E-books are available in Droidon. My mantra has been for years "e-books rule, footnotes lick" and I insist on it.


I could not find a problem with traveling with the Droid X instead of a laptop. I do not think of anything that was lacking in productivity, entertainment, and traveling, which is efficient and enjoyable. It's like having a concierge in his pocket in the beck and in the call. While mentioning any application that made the journey more practical, there are probably many that would contribute to the well-being of travel. I welcome your comments if you have any suggestions.

Source by Timothy S. Hillebrand, Ph.D.

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