Downloading applications to BlackBerry

So you just activated a shiny new BlackBerry and your rip, screaming and ready to go. Your BES server is installed, an email arrives, and you have already called up five people. BlackBerry glory is now waiting for you. The only thing left is to find out how to download applications.

There are basically two ways to download applications. One is OTA (over the air) download and another is side load. The OTA Download option lets you download directly to BlackBerry. In one device download experience, the application is downloaded and installed on BlackBerry without the need for a computer or a cable. It all happens through a few clicks on BlackBerry and is considered the easiest and most straightforward download option. For those who are new to BlackBerry or downloading applications, this is a preferred download experience.

Another way to download applications is sidewalk. This basically means downloading an application to your computer using the software on your computer to download the app on BlackBerry. To complete this process, you must have a BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed on your computer. Once installed, download the application file to the destination you find on your computer. This will often be downloaded as a compressed file. To access the content you need to package or compress the file. Next, you need to connect your BlackBerry to your computer with a USB cable. When BlackBerry is connected to your computer, you can open the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, open the "Application Loader" option and click the Add button. When selected, use the dialog menu to point to the downloaded folder and uncompressed where you will see .alx files. (If you see this file type, you do not need to contact the application's application or application store from which you downloaded the software because they did not contain all the necessary and necessary files.) After you have selected .alx files "OK" and the software will install a. Once done, the app will appear in your uploaded applications list and you will be able to disconnect BlackBerry from your computer and use the application.

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