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Books, page-to-page, are used from the second century AD. Throughout history, some attempts have been made to step out of the world of ink and paper. The introduction of the eBook system has directly gained extensive access to them. Big names like Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook and Sony Reader were among the first to try to revolutionize this new way to read a book. But the element in gray and black text was very similar.

Enter the iPad area, you will see great differences in the graphics, colors and clarity of the eBook. 9.7 inch high-resolution touchscreen gives you the opportunity to see the original layout and bright and clear characters. And turning a page is likely to simulate the actual performance of relative actions with a real book.

Reading a book of the 21st century, which features things like built-in dictionaries, hyperlinked footnotes and built-in bookmarks, makes the entire process more efficient and exciting.

Before you can purchase an eBook for iPad, first visit the iTunes App Store for free download of iBooks (this term Apple uses for eBook) app. You have two ways to do this:

  • On iPAd: On the Home screen, tap the App Store icon. An invitation to download the application should appear. If you can not click on the search box and enter the iBook. The application will pop out and you can start the installation.
  • On your computer: You can get the iBook application through iTunes as well. You can search for it on the App Store tab. After downloading, you must sync iPad with iTunes to install the application.

If you want to access any electronic book you like on the iPad, just tap the iBook icon in the home screen.

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