Does Apple Lose Fastball?

We have just seen the 30th anniversary of Apple's first great symbol of technological innovation, the Macintosh home computer. On January 24, 1984, Steve Jobs introduced the revolution of home computing, announcing the arrival of Macintosh, which was then delivered to $ 2,495. The Super Bowl ad that followed its arrival has become famous since then, often referring to the groundbreaking example of controversial but effective advertising. If you remember, you were featured in the Big Brother esque aura and the clear winner of the Super Bowl ad wars.

So the Mac really came up with some mixed feedback then. On the one hand, the costs seemed to prohibit the target audience from controlling the product. However, this was billed correctly as a user-friendly home computer. Apple has used this "user-friendly" quality but has not built a usability empire that would later lead to even greater advances and technological innovations that have greatly influenced our present life.

The 1984 Macintosh became known as the iMAC, which is a highly efficient and user-friendly desktop computer. Take a step further and have a portable powerhouse that is a Macbook Pro. Would you like to carry something a bit easier, but still have a fantastic computing ability and versatility? What about Macbook Air weighing about £ 2.3 pounds.

We all know about some other gadgets and we need to make sure that Apple has improved our lives for both entertainment and productivity. From iPads to iPhones, Apple's technology fast track for a while started moving slowly in the 100 mph range. But what did we see?

Apple's latest versions include iOS 7, which has come up with mixed reviews, which was a bit smaller than mediocre after some users struggled with the devices and failed to recover iOS 6 to resolve the issue. The iPad Air came out and many people thought, "Did we really need the iPad any easier?" Then, the iPhone 5s and 5c are too new to Apple geeks to be most excited, so some of us may question whether Apple's speedball has reached the peak and a non-innovation period is in danger.

The truth is that Apple continues to produce great products. MacBooks are amazing and the iPad and the iPhone, even if the latest versions are not as novel as previous versions. This blogger is personally owned by an iMac, a MacBook Air, an iPhone, and an iPad Mini. That's why I'm still a big fan. I can not help but want to see the next great product from them. I think I forgot one, I still love my AppleTV.

Source by Reema Ray

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