Do you want an iPhone Police Scanner? Turn on 5-0 Radio

If you have a good phone, you probably love to find great programs to play. But if you purchased an iPhone or iPod touch, you probably do not have a lot of money to buy an application.

Congratulations, some feelings are better than discovering something fun, easy to use and free. 5-0 Radio is a free app that comes pretty darn close to offering this sought-after trifecta. Designed by New & Popular, the application changes iPhone or iPod touch to a police scanner. Depending on your personality, this will lead to hours or minutes of good time.

5-0 The radio cable is clean and simple. List of menus offer the possibility to browse through scanner feeds from national police stations. Users can browse over 100 police threats (most of them come from big cities), add their own feed, or even search the web if you do not find food from the police department near you.

After Station is selected, 5-0 Radio offers a second set of options to help users lean on fuzz. The most useful item in the menu is the glossary of code and jargon used by emergency and police officers. This little addition is very helpful because it helps the average user to track what is happening to the policeman, even if they do not know the lingo.

Quality Police Officer is another area where the 5-0 Radio underscores. When I tested it at the local station, the audio feed was through the crystal clear.

Biggest weakness 5-0 Radio has nothing to do with the program. That is the subject. After a while, most police stations are just boring. This is not a factor in "COPS." It is raw, untreated police food. In small towns this means a lot of waiting for something to happen, some cats that are stuck in a tree, and maybe calling for some "punk children" from a founding old neighbor on the road. Most listeners will probably lose interest rather quickly.

Police officer aficionados will love 5-0 Radio and listen to hours. (If this is you, connect the device to electricity so you do not kill the battery.)

Listeners who do not find enough home operations can also set a selection of police streams from all of the United States.

The other flaw of 5-0 Radio is that it requires a WiFi connection. Because iPhone and iPod touch do not have a built-in radio broadcast, the application works by accessing available internet streams from police stations that broadcast to the Internet. 5-0 Radio does not work with 3G network.

There is also a paid version of 5-0 Radio for $ 0.99. Premium Edition adds a music scanner so that users can listen to an Internet radio between police stations.

Whether you get the small version for free or shrug $ 0.99 to go to the top, 5-0 Radio is an interesting program that offers something new to listen while you wait in line at the grocery store .

Source by Neal Adam Hamou

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